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Composer Danny Elfman was in a band called Oingo Boingo and he sang the song 'Weird Science' from the movie of the same name.

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Danny Elfman, Grammy-winning composer famous for movie soundtracks (Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.), was the lead singer and song writer for the 80s new wave band Oingo Boingo

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  1. Danny Elfman, a long time movie composer who is know for frequently collaborating with Director Tim Burton, was also the lead singer for New Wave band Oingo Boingo, famously seen in Back To School and Weird Science

  2. Danny Elfman, Hollywood Composer, was a lead singer and guitarist for the band Oingo Boingo. You may remember their hit, Weird Science.

  3. Before doing The Simpsons Theme and the scores for basically every Tim Burton movie, Danny Elfman was lead singer and songwriter for the band Oingo Boingo.

  4. Airport wireless company Boingo Wireless was founded by and contributes money to Scientology, and was named after 80s band Oingo Boingo (the band was founded by Richard Elfman, also a Scientologist).

  5. For most of the band's run, Oingo Boingo's frontman was Danny Elfman

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