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In the 1990s the Canadian Football League added several teams to American cities, including Baltimore, Memphis, and Las Vegas. In 1995 the Baltimore Stallions became the only non-Canadian team to win the Grey Cup.

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  1. Lionel Conacher was a Canadian athlete who won championships in hockey (Stanley Cup), football (Grey Cup), baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and boxing.

  2. Dr. Jack Perry. An anesthetist who received the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in the Second World War. He also won the 1942 Grey Cup with the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes. As well, he made the 1948 Canadian Olympic track and field team.

  3. Bobby Singh, the only man to win a Super Bowl (NFL), a Grey Cup (CFL), and a Million Dollar Game (XFL)

  4. The Grey Cup game, the Canadian Superbowl, is 103 years old

  5. The defunct Baltimore Stallions were the only US-based team in the Canadian Football League to win a Grey Cup

  6. The Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Montreal Alouettes 50-27 in the 1956 Grey Cup, but could have won 51-27 if a fan had not stolen the game ball on the final play (which was the only ball in the arena) therefore preventing a final conversion point play.

  7. A Canadian athlete, Lionel Conacher, was apart of sports teams that won the Grey Cup, Stanley Cup twice, the International League championship for baseball as well as lacrosse, wrestling and boxing championships.

  8. Gerry James is the only athlete to have played for both the Stanley Cup (Ice Hockey) and the Grey Cup (Canadian Football) in the same season

  9. After the Canadian Football League Championship Game (Grey Cup), a trophy is awarded to the "Most Valuable Canadian".

  10. There were 7 U.S. teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL) between 1993-1995. The Baltimore Stallions became the only American-based team to win the Grey Cup championship, in 1995.

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