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Eric Schmidt once visited North Korea and had this to say about it: "The Internet was built for everyone, including North Koreans. The quickest way to get economic growth in North Korea is to open up the Internet. I did my best to tell them this.”

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No credible evidence that foreign aid promotes economic growth; the relationship is negative.

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  1. The Song Dynasty was able to restore unity to China and it experienced tremendous economic growth and advancements.

  2. Clarence Louie pulled his Native reserve out of poverty by starting companies and encouraging economic growth within the community.

  3. The "Roaring Twenties" occurred while Calvin Coolidge was president. This era was a time of rapid growth economically.

  4. Since the "Great Recession" in 2008, 40% of global economic growth has occurred in just one country: China.

  5. Researchers for the IMF suggest that 'trickle-down economics' has the opposite effect of that desired, in that if the rich get richer, GDP growth declines, while an increase in income for the poor gives higher GDP growth.

  6. The Resource Curse, in which certain types of resource-rich countries tend to be antidemocratic, have less economic growth, and worse development outcomes than countries without significant natural resources.

  7. During Emperor Qianlong's reign, he expanded China’s empire by one-third, brought economic growth through the free-flow of goods between provinces and foreign nations, even compiling two millennia of Chinese writing totalling 36,000 volumes that would fit 128 CDs

  8. In his later years, North Korea's Kim Jong Il took numerous trips to China to study the Chinese economic growth after reforms

  9. A world simulation predicts the collapse of our thermo-industrial civilisation around 2030 due to a growing and already unsustainable population, resources waste, pollution, belief of unlimited economic growth in a finite world and several other factors

  10. During the 1950s, Liberia had the second-highest rate of economic growth in the world. By 1971, Liberia had the largest mercantile fleet in the world, largest rubber industry, was the third-largest exporter of iron ore in the world, and had attracted more than US$1 billion in foreign investment

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economic growth fact data chart about Nightlights dataset helps map the economic growth and expans
Nightlights dataset helps map the economic growth and expansion of cities in China between 1992 and 2013

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Carbon dioxide emissions are one way of measuring a country's economic growth

A few hundred thousand years ago global economic growth took 1 million years for productive capacity to increase sufficiently to sustain an additional 1 million people living at subsistence levels. In 5000 BC after the agricultural revolution it took 2 hundred years. Today it takes 90 minutes. - source

Economies with smaller penises have faster economic growth than countries with larger penises. Each centimetre increase in length is associated with a 5-7% decrease in economic growth. ‘Male Organ Hypothesis’ proposes link between penile length, testosterone, risk-taking & self-esteem production - source

We are currently living in a system of "Patrimonial Capitalism" where the top 1% of the wealthy control all political and economic systems. Their 4%-5% rate of return on their wealth outpaces the rate of economic growth creating a wealth monopoly through inherited wealth.

Kansas City, Missouri existed before Kansas was a state. When Kansas became a state ,they founded their own Kansas City to benefit from the economic growth Kansas City, MO was experiencing. - source

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A universal basic income experiment transformed the lives of the recipients. It eliminated poverty, education improved, small business investments were made, and it had a positive impact on economic growth within the community. Its time for trickle-up economics.

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The IMF have proposed that neoliberal economic policies have resulted in increased inequality and stunted economic growth.

Countries with high natural resource exports almost always have the lowest economic growth

Illinois' current economic growth rate is lower than the U.S.' economic growth during the worst decade of the Great Depression.

The 'Four Asian Tigers', four Asian countries who went under rapid industrialization and economic growth

Capitalism’s limitless growth on a finite planet means the economic system we take for granted will end soon

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There is an African School of Economics located in Cotonou, Benin that was founded in 2004. It aims to be a world-class school of economics, management, and social science that will contribute to the growth of the African economy

The Economic Policy Institute concluded that the growth in the manufacturing trade deficit was responsible for all, or virtually all, of the 3.6 million manufacturing jobs lost between 2000 and 2007, and for 72% of the 1.4 million manufacturing jobs lost between 2007 and 2014.

Tanuki, or raccoon dogs, are often depicted in Japanese culture as having giant scrotums, representing good fortune and economic growth.

A 65-Year study found, tax cuts do not lead to economic growth.

After Singapore's economy suffered in the 1970s, its citizens were encouraged to carry an octagonal mirror, which is said to deflect negative energy in Chinese geomancy. Thus, the new Singaporean $1 coin was designed with an octagon on both sides, and a period of economic growth followed.

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Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

A balanced federal budget is not always ideal during times of slow economic growth.

5.5 million American jobs were lost due to slower economic growth during the 2008 financial crisis than what was predicted

In 1985 The Government's of Major Economies got Together to Artificially Cheapen the US Dollar Against Specifically the Japanese Yen and German Mark to Help US Exports and Economic Growth. This Event was Called the '1985 Plaza Accord'

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