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The median human is 14% poorer today than they were in 2007, even though total wealth is 20% higher. In a stark reversal from the 2000-2007 period, international inequality is not only increasing but is erasing any gains made by emerging economies.

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Monopoly was originally a game designed to warn against the power of landlords and how they could make money for essentially doing nothing. It was a warning against unbridled capitalism and the wealth inequality it creates.

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  1. Sweden has the Worlds Second Highest Wealth Inequality in the World After the United States

  2. Wealth inequality in the US is waaaaaay more crazy than we thought

  3. Wealth Inequality in the USA is worse now than ever before, including during slavery and before The Great Depression

  4. Bernie Sanders filibustered for 8.5 hours about income and wealth inequality in 2010.

  5. About global wealth inequality - 300 > 50%

  6. Just how much wealth inequality there is in America

  7. America is not the only country facing a huge wealth inequality problem. Here are some facts about our neighbors to the north.

  8. Income & Wealth Inequality correlates with Crime

  9. Capitalism Is Broken - Ray Dalio & Andrew Yang on Wealth Inequality and ...

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wealth inequality fact data chart about Karma wealth inequality in r/occupywallstreet
Karma wealth inequality in r/occupywallstreet

wealth inequality fact data chart about Global wealth inequality by country 2016 vs 2000
Global wealth inequality by country 2016 vs 2000

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Global Wealth Inequality What you never knew you never knew

People in the U.S. tend to vastly underestimate racial inequality. They think the racial wealth gap is 80% smaller than it it. - source

Data suggests welfare state policies increase wealth inequality. - source

There's almost no crime at small towns with very little income and wealth inequality even if it's a very low level at a national scale...

Growing wealth inequality is a feature of capitalism. Except in cases of massive disaster like war, capitalism is a system that always results in the rich getting richer. - source

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Income and Wealth Inequality is skyrocketting since the 70s...

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Wealth Inequality In Russia Is By Far The Highest In The World

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wealth inequality fact infographic about The Wealthy West - Wealth inequality is not just limited to

The Wealthy West - Wealth inequality is not just limited to North versus South

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