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Scot free" is not related to Scotland or Dred Scott, but skat, the Scandinavian word for tax.

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Scott married another slave, Harriet Robinson, while he was at Fort Snelling.

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  1. The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Scott, with Chief Justice Robert B. Taney stating in the majority decision that even free blacks could not claim any "of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States."

  2. While Scott's case was working its way through the courts, he and his wife were placed under the custody of St. Louis County Sheriff's and leased out for work.

  3. Blow sold Scott to an army surgeon named John Emerson in 1830, who was the owner Scott would spend most of his life with.

  4. Dred Scott died of tuberculosis on November 7, 1858.

  5. Justices John McLean and Benjamin Robbins Curtis were the two dissenting votes.

  6. Fearing that the decision would result in political violence in the west between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups, many railroad companies folded and construction of east-west lines were all but abandoned until after the Civil War.

  7. Scott's legal fees were often paid for by abolitionists and others sympathetic to his cause. Some lawyers took his case pro bono.

  8. After the Dred Scott decision, one Supreme Court justice resigned in protest, becoming the first and only person to quit on principle

  9. Scott lived in Fort Snelling (current day St. Paul, Minnesota) in what was at the time Wisconsin Territory. Although slavery was illegal in the Wisconsin Territory, Emerson violated the law by leasing Scott's services to others.

  10. Dred Scott tried and failed to win his freedom from the Supreme Court in 1857. It was rejected because he wasn't a citizen and had no legal right to bring a case to court.

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Scott brought his case to trial three times: the first two times in Missouri state court against his owner's widow, Irene Emerson, in 1846 and 1850, and the third time in federal court against what was at the time his final owner, John Sanford.

Benjamin R. Curtis is the only U.S. Supreme Court Justice to resign from the U.S. Supreme Court as a matter of principle. His resignation came shortly after after his dissent in the notorious Dred Scott case. - source

Ironically, Irene Emerson married noted abolitionist Calvin Chafee in 1850.

Dred Scott was born a slave in Virginia in 1795 and later moved to Alabama and then St. Louis, Missouri with his owner, Peter Blow

In recent years, both conservative and liberal Supreme Court justices have referenced Dred Scott v. Sandford as an example of bad law and a terrible court decision.

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Roger Taney, 5th Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, thought his ruling in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case would end the national debate regarding slavery. He had ruled that no African-American, free or enslaved, had ever enjoyed the rights of a citizen under the Constitution.

Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who penned the Dred Scott Decision, died on the same day his home state (Maryland) freed all slaves.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney, infamous for the Dred Scott decision, presided until his death in 1864 and ruled in favor of President Lincoln in at least two major cases. BTW the Dred Scott decision was 8-2.

The Democrats and the Democratic Party fought against the equality of slaves in the courts (Dred Scott), started the Civil War, opposed reconstruction, founded the KKK, killed Dr. Martin Luther King jr., imposed segregation and all voted against the civil rights act!

Jenny Hines walk with you the story of Dred Scott and the blow family of Virginia

James Buchanan directly urged Supreme Court Justices to vote in the majority during the Dred Scott case.

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