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About the American town 'Merrymount', founded 1624. Named from slang at the time for 'illicit' forms of sex - the town rejected Puritan values welcoming non-Heterosexuals, freeing indentured servants and intermarrying Native Americans. Five years later it was invaded and razed to the ground.

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Indentured servants were so called because their contracts were cut in two along a jagged edge so both parties could prove authenticity later by fitting them together, and the cuts looked like they were bitten by teeth

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  1. Guyana's largest ethnic group, the Indo-Guyanese (also known as East Indians), the descendants of indentured servants from India, make up 43.5% of the population.

  2. The Fugitive Slave Clause also covered indentured servants, who were usually Europeans.

  3. Lobsters were viewed as poor person food in early America and was used for fertilizer, fishing bait and as food for prisoners and indentured servants.

  4. Many of the immigrants to the Middle Colonies paid their way to the New World. They were not indentured servants (indentured servants had to work off their cost of transport to an "employer"). They often had sufficient money to begin their new lives. This led to prosperity among the new American residents.

  5. Laborers in the Southern Colonies were often either slaves or indentured servants. Indentured servants were immigrants from England that agreed to work off their debt (cost of moving to America) by working on the plantation for so many years.

  6. Before the mid-19th century, lobster was seen as a food for indentured servants, prisoners, and those in poverty. Lobster was mainly used as fertilizer or bait.

  7. François l'Olonnais, an indentured servant who would become one of the most ruthless and brutal pirates of all time. He hunted humans, ate the heart of another man for information, hid under corpses to survive, beheaded an entire crew and eventually was killed by islanders.

  8. Anthony Johnson, a freed black identured servant in 17th century America, went on to become a wealthy landowner. When one of his own indentured servants ran away, he sued for an indefinite extension of his term of service -- becoming the first slave owner via civil proceedings.

  9. From 1911 to 1933, 166 patients, mostly women and girls, left Rosewood under habeas corpus writs to be subjected to human trafficking, bought by the rich as indentured servants and unpaid laborers

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Large numbers of Irish indentured servants, were sent to the Americas during the 16th century. Some willingly in trade for passage and some as of prisoners of war, political prisoners, felons, and other "undesirables" who were sent to labor in the colonies against their will.

Contract Children, the Swiss govt forcibly took poor children from 1850-1950's and made them indentured servants - source

In the 1600s, in the Southern Colonies of what would become the United States, only 40% of indentured servants, those who traded 5 years of hard labor for passage to the New World, survived to the end of their contract - source

Almost half the European immigrants to the US before 1775 were indentured servants.

Salomé Müller, the daughter of indentured servants who emigrated to Louisiana in 1818. After her family died of fever, the four year old Salomé was taken as a slave. Freed after a prolonged legal battle, she incapable of securing the freedom of her three children - source

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As recently as the 17th Century, lobster was fed to prisoners and 'indentured servants' - in the 19th, it was fed to cats. Railway companies rebranded lobster as 'exotic' in the 19th Century, fishing increased, stocks reduced...

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The name 'Indentured Servant' comes from the indenture marks on top of the document to prevent forgery or updating without the other party knowing.

The first man to be recognized by a Virginia court as a permanent indentured servant (AKA slave) in North America, John Casor, was "owned" by a man named Anthony Johnson, who was also black; this court decision effectively established precedent for legal slave ownership in colonial America.

Lobster was so frowned down upon in the 17th century that Massachusetts colonies had to sign contracts promising indentured servants wouldn’t be fed lobster more than three times a week

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All about John Punch. In 1640 3 indentured servants were caught running away from VA to MD. Victor, from the Netherlands, & James Gregory, from Scotland, had 4 years of servitude added. John Punch, an African, was the 1st known person in the English Colonies in America sentenced to slavery.

Between 12,000 and 60,000 people, from the streets of Ireland, were kidnapped and transported to Barbados and sold as slaves or indentured servants to British planters.

Lobster used to be so plentiful and blasé that it was considered a poverty food. It was even often served to prisoners and indentured servants.

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