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Republican Congress member Thaddeus Steven who wanted to exile former slave owners and redistribute their land among slaves and farmers

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Ellen and William Craft, who escaped slavery by travelling openly from Macon, Georgia to Boston. Ellen, who was light skinned, dressed as a man with a sling to hide the fact that she could not write and passed as William's slave owner. Eventually, they fled to Liverpool, England.

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  1. Slave Bible, an abridged version of the bible made for slaves, in which the enslaved Israelites never left Egypt and lines that condemn slave owners were removed.

  2. In 2009 a Russian robber broke into a hair salon, was beaten by its black-belt owner and kept as a sex slave for three days while being fed only Viagra.

  3. Ancient Rome had no concept of a limited-liability corporation, so entrepreneurs got around it by appointing a slave as the CEO. A master was not legally liable for a slave's debts, so this allowed the owner to control the company while avoiding personal liability in case of bankruptcy.

  4. In 1861, slave Robert Smalls stole a confederate ship and took it to the Union. He was given command of a Union ship, became a general then purchased his owner's house and let the sick wife of his owner live there until she died. He became literate and then served 5 years in Congress.

  5. A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon ended up as the victim when the female shop owner overpowered him, tied him up naked and then used him as a sex slave for 3 days.

  6. Clara Brown, a woman who was born a slave in Virginia that, after receiving her freedom, would go on to start a laundry business, become the owner of mines in Colorado during the gold rush, and even traveled to Kansas to help freed slaves build communities

  7. Crassus, a Roman general and also one of the richest men in history, used to purchase buildings on fire for a very low price and then put the fires out with his trained army of 500 slaves and rebuild them. If the owners refused to sell their property, he would not engage in firefighting.

  8. The Daughters of the Confederacy has a children's auxiliary. The Children of the Confederacy is dedicated to teaching blood descendants of Confederate soldiers the glory of the Lost Cause and that slave owners were quite nice really.

  9. 10 of first 12 US Presidents were slave owners and the only two who weren't slave owners were father and son John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

  10. The first slave owner in what would become America was black.

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Thomas Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a passage attacking slavery, calling it an 'execrable commerce'. The passage was removed due to pressure from Southern plantation owners and Northern slave merchants

About Rebecca Huger, an 11-year-old emancipated slave girl who posed for patriotic photos with the U.S. flag; the photos were sold to raise money for the education of freed slaves in New Orleans. "To all appearance she [was] perfectly white," like her father/former owner. - source

Reparations were given to some 40,000 former African American slaves who were settled on 400,000 acres (1,600 km²). HOWEVER, President Andrew Johnson returned the land to the previous owners when Lincoln was assassinated and Johnson became president. - source

Drapetomania, a pseudo-scientific mental illness that suggested slaves were mentally ill for running away from their slave owners, and was supposedly caused by slave owners being too friendly with slaves, and "treating them as equals".

In 1848 light-skinned slave Ellen Craft, unable to travel with him as a woman, escaped with her dark-skinned husband by pretending to be both a white man and her husband's owner. They traveled openly, first class, a thousand miles north from Georgia to freedom. - source

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Plantation owners from South Carolina paid a higher price for slaves the came from Gambia and Sierra Leon because these blacks knew how to grow rice and could show their slavemasters the process.

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After the Haitian Slave revolt, France demanded the newly independent country compensate former plantation owners who had lost their 'property' to the tune of $21 Billion (inflation adjusted)

In 1862, slave owners recieved reperations in the amount $300 per slave that they had to free. This is the equivelent of approx $7,000 per slave today.

Ellen and William Craft escaped slavery by disguising Ellen as a wealthy white male slave owner, traveling from Georgia to Pennsylvania in first-class trains and staying in the best hotels. Unable to read or write, Ellen kept her arm in a sling to avoid the required signing for train tickets.

The first legal slave owner in what would become the United States was a black man

The Vagabonds Act (1547) stated "if anyone refuses to work, he shall be condemned as a slave to the person who has denounced him as an idler." The owner could then force the new slave to do any work "no matter how vile." If the slave escaped three times, you could execute them.

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Cherokee Native Americans owned slaves, some of whom were even forced to walk the Trail of Tears w/ their owners. Their descendants were legally recognized as tribe members until 2007, when a Cherokee constitutional amendment requiring Cherokee blood for membership ousted thousands of them

Former slave owner, John Marshal Harlan, was the only person to dissent against Plessy Vs. Ferguson, writing in his dissent that "Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law."

The first slave owner in the U.S. was reportedly a black man named Anthony Johnson, and in 1654, the first legal sanction of slavery was born

John Dumont proceeded to sell one of Sojourner's sons, Peter, to a slave owner in Alabama. It was illegal to sell a slave across state lines in NY and Sojourner took the case to court. She won.

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Plantation owner Robert Carter, after a religious awakening, freed over 450 slaves during his lifetime.

It's estimated that 40 percent of slave owners were women.

After the Haitian Revolution, France forced Haiti to pay an "independence debt" because their plantation owners "lost" all those valuable slaves.

The slave codes in the south forbade slave owners from educating their slaves. The rationale was that if a slave were literate, he could forge a pass and evade capture by slave patrols.

The phrase describing betrayal - Being sold down the river - originated from the slave trade. Where one would literally be sold to a plantation owner down the river, what was seen as a death sentence.

An African man won a court case in the 1650s that let him keep another African, John Castor, as his slave. That means that the first legally recognized owner of a permanent slave in America was an African man.

In 1840 Abraham Lincoln proposed to Mary Todd. Her family was rich, and they were slave owners.

The conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker, for whom the term "Siamese Twins" was coined, were in fact slave owners, and even had sons who fought in the Confederate Army

The Southern Baptist Convention was founded after it was decided slave owners couldn't become Baptist missionaries.

Jack Daniels learned how to distil his whiskey from a slave of the owner of a whiskey mill he first worked at.

Ben Affleck is related to slave owners. When Affleck appeared on the PBS show "Finding Your Roots" it was discovered that his family tree contained slave owners. Rather than acknowledge this during his episode he instead pressured producers to cut it. This was later made public in an email leak.

The last person in Congress to have been a [former] slave-owner happened to be the first female Senator (Rebecca Felton [D-GA], appointed to a vacancy in 1922 and serving for one day)

Britain's Slavery Abolition Act signed into law on 1 August 1833. To avoid conflict and ensure the Act passed, slave owners were compensated to a total of £20m (~£70b in todays money), about 40% of the government's yearly expenditure.

Plantations in the Maryland Colony were dominated by tobacco, and as prices dropped the plantation owners grew to rely heavily on slaves to maximize profits.

UK taxpayers were still paying for slave-owner compensation in 2015

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