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The Night Witches was a WWII German nickname for the all female aviators of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment. They would idle the engines near their target and glide to the bomb release point with only wind noise to reveal them. The Germans likened the sound to broomsticks, giving their nickname.

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A unit of women aviators, known as the Night Witches, in the Soviet Air Force bombed the Germans during WWII by idling their engines and gliding to the bomb release site so that only the wind noise could reveal their position. They did this at night and flew with no parachutes.

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  1. A Russian all-female bomber unit flying biplanes against the Germans in WW2. While two pilots distracted the searchlights, a third would cut her engines and glide in to deliver her bombs; 23,000 missions were flown and the enemy dubbed them "Night Witches"

  2. A Soviet all-female aviation regiment nicknamed the "night witches" would fly thousands of feet up, cut their engines and drop almost to the ground to bomb German forces undetected.

  3. In WW2 there was a badass all-female squadron of bomber pilots whom the Germans nicknamed "The Night Witches"

  4. The' Night Witches', a Russian all female bomber squadron in WW2. The 80-woman group flew 23,000 sorties and received 23 'Hero of the Soviet Union' honors. They earned the name from their technique of shutting the engine off and gliding over their targets to drop bombs silently.

  5. Night Witches" were women that flew under the cover of darkness in bare-boned plywood biplanes to bomb the Nazis during WW2.

  6. In WW2, the Soviet Union had an all female airforce regiment of night bombers known as the Night Witches. These women were so feared among the Nazis that they would award the Iron Cross to anyone that managed to shoot just one of them down.

  7. Butterflies are called so because people in English colonies believed witches turned into flying creatures at night to steal butter.

  8. Marc Brown worked as the illustrator on several books including R.L. Stine's The Little Shop of Monsters", Judy Sierra's Born to Read, ZooZical, and Wild About You, Deborah Hautzig's Little Witch's Big Night, and Happy Birthday, Little Witch, Isaac Asimov's What Makes the Sun Shine?, and Rosemary Wells" The Gulps, among many other books.

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The Tlahuelpuchi, a vampiric witch purported to live in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. She transforms into a turkey at night and drinks the blood of sleeping children, leaving strange bruises on her victims.

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In WWII the Soviets had a squadron of female fighter pilots that were so fearsome the Nazis nicknamed them "Night Witches"

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Since 1932 there have been 442 zombie-themed movies, but prior to "Night of the Living Dead" most zombies were living people enslaved by a Voodoo witch doctor, not flesh-eating, reanimated bodies

There was an all-female Soviet bomber regiment that used stealthy planes and idled their engines to sneak up on targets, earning them the name “Night Witches” by the Nazis

the Befana is a witch-like hag who, in Italian folklore, brings coal or candy and "sweeps away" the problems of last year with her flying broom, on the night of Jan 5th.

Russian women flew plywood-and-canvas planes to bomb Nazi forces during WWII; earned nickname "Night Witches" by Nazis

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Night Witches (2013) Young Soviet women who flew ancient biplanes to stage nighttime raids on German troops during the GPW. (multipart playlist)

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Night Witches seized the skies in subpar equipment while terrifying Nazi invaders

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