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Diego Maradona was flown in by Pablo Escobar for a friendly match at the latter's prison

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Diego Maradona hugged and apologized to the referee who allowed his infamous hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup after meeting him on a trip to Tunisia 19 years later.

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  1. Iglesia Maradoniana ("Church of Maradona"), a parody relifion worshipping Argentine footballer Diego Maradona. It counts years since Maradona's birth, has its own Ten Commandments and Lord's Prayer, and somewhere between 120k and 200k members.

  2. Within 8 seconds of winning the global All-Star game in Pasadena, CA Diego Maradona did a line of cocaine on the field.

  3. Diego Maradona, the world’s most famous soccer star, was once coked up and tried to discretely order a prostitute at 3:40 am when the woman on the other end of the line recognized his voice and insisted that he say hello to her son who is an adoring fan.

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