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A man aspiring to become a lawyer was denied admission to the New York bar because his student debt exceeded $400,000. Five appellate judges concluded his payments had been too meager to date and thus he had not "established the character and general fitness requisite for an attorney".

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In 1931 when President Ronald Reagan played on the football team for Eureka College, took in two rival team black players in his personal home, who were denied admission into a hotel when they were going to play against Eureka. He remained friends with one of the men until they died in 1981

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  1. Marie Curie, winner of two Nobel Prizes, was once denied admission to university because she was a woman

  2. The late Sam Simon, an original developer of the Simpsons, quit the Stanford football team on day one, and was denied admission to a Stanford drawing class for not being talented enough.

  3. Charles Bolden, the first black Administrator of NASA and former astronaut and Marine Major General, after being denied a letter of reference to the Naval Academy by Strom Thurman, was able to gain admission with assistance from President Johnson.

  4. Super-hero "Static" was named after Virgil Hawkins, a black Florida attorney who spent the last several decades of his life fighting for admission to practice law in Florida after having initially been denied admission to the University of Florida School of Law on the basis of his race

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