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Dexter Holland from The Offspring graduated high school as valedictorian, has a PhD in Molecular Biology from USC, has his pilot license and flew solo around the world in 10 days, runs marathons, and has his own hot sauce company.

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Conan O'Brien graduated as valedictorian at his high school, then went on to Harvard where he graduated magna cum laude.

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  1. Cindy Crawford won a scholarship to Northwestern for Chemical Engineering; she was also valedictorian of her high school.

  2. Conan O'Brien graduated Valedictorian from high school and attended Harvard University, graduating 'with great honor'.

  3. He graduated from University High School in Normal, Illinois, as valedictorian of his class after having already begun taking college chemistry classes under Howard Adams.

  4. Robert Frost graduated high school in 1892 as class poet and co-valedictorian.

  5. Dexter Holland, the lead singer of The Offspring, graduated high school as a valedictorian, has a B.S. degree in biology, and has both an M.S. degree and Ph.D. in molecular biology.

  6. Dean Norris (Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad) was valedictorian of his high school and attended Harvard University.

  7. Weird Al Yankovic was the valedictorian for his high school class.

  8. The words of Goddard's high school valedictorian speech would prove prophetic when he was subjected to ridicule and vicious attacks in the press for his predictions of spaceflight.

  9. Cindy Crawford received a full scholarship to Northwestern University, but dropped out to pursue her modeling career. She was also valedictorian in her high school.

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Kevin Spacey graduated co-valedictorian of his class at Chatsworth High School.

In high school Chris Isaak was class president all three years, culminating with his election as Student Body President in his senior year, along with being the 1974 graduating class valedictorian and head of the all-male cheer squad. - source

Slayer guitarist Kerry King graduated high school as valedictorian. - source

The infamous Han Twin Sister murder conspiracy - the high school co-valedictorians fell into criminal ways, then fell apart and one of them tried to murder the other when they were 22, and received 26 years to life.

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