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The term "Ivy League" originated from people mispronouncing the Roman Numeral in "IV League", which was the original four universities: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia.

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Princeton was the last Ivy League college to admit a black student in 1947. That was 90 years after Yale admitted its first black student in 1857

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  1. In the 1960s and 1970s Ayn Rand promoted her philosophy on Objectivism. She gave lectures at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Yale, and Princeton to students.

  2. Thanks to alumni-donated grants, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale are among the cheapest private colleges

  3. Princeton and Yale universities have 55 claimed National Championships between them in the sport of college football, however the last time either team won a championship was in 1950.

  4. The two schools with the most NCAA football championships are....Yale and Princeton

  5. Despite all of his peers being law students at Harvard, Ted Cruz refused to study with anyone who hadn't been an undergrad at Harvard, Princeton, or Yale.

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