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Sweden's tourist association has create a "Call a Swede" phone number which is assigned to random de facto 'ambassadors' with no training or expectations. The goal is to provide an unfiltered view of Swedish life.

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In 1940 two RAAF training planes collided in mid-air and as a result, locked together and formed a de-facto biplane. The "biplane" was landed safely by the pilot of the upper plane; there were no casualties.

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  1. After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a severe stroke in Oct. 1919 his wife (Edith Wilson) began to screen all matters of state and decided which to bring to the bedridden president. In doing so, she de facto ran the executive branch of the government for the remainder of Wilson's second term.

  2. The USA has no official language. English is only used on a de facto basis.

  3. There is a small group of Filipino Marines living about a rusting grounded Ship in the middle of the South China Sea, they are the only thing that stands between ever pressing Chinese Fishing and Warship vessels from De facto control of the Area.

  4. A 1968 college football game between Harvard and Yale ended in a 29-29 tie, but the next day the Harvard Crimson ran the headline "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29," as Yale had been so heavily favored that the tie was viewed as a de facto victory. The actor Tommy Lee Jones played on the Harvard team.

  5. A German doctor for the mentally-ill King of Denmark, managed to become the "de facto" regent and instituted many progressive reforms between 1771 to 1772 including the abolition of torture, censorship of the press and ban of slave trade in Danish colonies. He was later executed and dismembered.

  6. Somaliland, a successful de facto state with a democratic government, rebuilt itself without the help of foreign aid

  7. After US President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in October of 1919, his second wife, Edith, de facto ran the Executive Branch of the government for the remainder of his second term.

  8. The largest Rolls-Royce collection in history belonged to Bhagwan Rajneesh, a one-time "spiritual guru" and de-facto leader of an entire Oregon town. He owned 93 cars.

  9. The island of Angaur of the island nation of Palau is the only place in the world where Japanese is an official language, as it is not the official, but the de facto language of Japan. Despite this, not a single resident of the island is able to speak Japanese

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Daeseong-dong is the only South Korean town where residents are exempt from national defense duties and taxation. However since the de facto border between South and North Korea is only 350m away, the residents experience severe limitations such as an 11 P.M. curfew and headcount every day.

Switzerland has no legal capital, Bern is only a de facto capital - source

The US once had a woman as de-facto president. In 1919, Woodrow Wilson had a stroke that left him largely dysfunctional — a secret kept from everybody. So his wife Edith took over. Acting as his "steward" she was "essentially, the nation’s chief executive" for 1.5 years until his term ended - source

One study found that only 15-20% of combat infantry were able to fire their weapons on the enemy and there were 80% that were de facto conscientious objectors during WWII

Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha Jefferson, died before he became President. Their daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, is considered de facto First Lady by the White House Historical Association. - source

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The Hudson Bay’s Company, the de facto government of early British North America, not only still exists but owns Saks Fifth Avenue

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Samuel de Champlain was the de facto Governor of New France until 1635, when he died.

The Weissman Score, a metric created for the fictional show Silicon Valley to show the efficiency of compression algorithms, has since become the de-facto standard for measuring compression ratios in the real world

Although the cities and states of the north did not have legalized segregation, there was a de facto segregation in many places that kept blacks out of certain neighborhoods and professions.

Kenny G's "Going Home" is the de facto song for closing up shop in China and while some Chinese do not know the song or the artist they know it's time to go home when they hear it.

The Time Magazine named Ana Pauker, the de facto leader of Communist Romania after World War Two, as "the most powerful woman alive" in 1948. In Romania today she is referred to as "Stalin with a skirt."

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When Henry VI became king of England on 1485, after the battle of Bosworth, he backdated the start of his rule to the day before the battle, enabling him to execute for treason all those who fought against him. On 1495, he enacted a law stating no one served a de facto king would be a traitor

The original de facto motto of the USA, 'E pluribus unum' (Out of many, one), comes from a poem attributed to Virgil ... that describes the making of 'a kind of herb and cheese spread related to modern pesto'.

Since 1506 the Swiss army is the security for the Pope and the Vatican "The Swiss Guard serves as the de facto military of Vatican City."

The only remaining country that uses a hammer and sickle in its flag is Transnistria, a "de facto independent" but unrecognized former Soviet republic

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Knockoff Tupac T-shirts were adopted as de facto military uniforms in certain countries

There was a running gag in Venice after the 4th crusade that the Doge was "more emperor than the emperor" because he owned more of the land than the Byzantine emperor. To which the Doge would respond "de jure and not de facto".

The USA has no official language and English is used on a de facto basis.

When Woodrow Wilson had a severe stroke and was bedridden his wife, Edith Wilson de facto ran the executive branch of the government for the remainder of the president's second term, becoming the first women to assume presidential functions.

There is a de facto independent state in Europe, Transnistria, that still officially uses all of the symbols of the Soviet Union and Communist iconology just as it was in Cold War era. Its official language is also Russian even though they don't share a border with that country.

Modern day Israel was once raided by the Mongols, and they de-facto ruled it from February-May 1300.

Since 1992's Nagorno-Karabakh War, a sliver of Azerbaijan's southern quadrant has been de facto ruled as the democratic country of The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic — which is only formally recognized by three other non-UN states.

While it has been described as the world's smallest country or nation, Sealand is not officially recognised by any established sovereign state in spite of Sealand's government's claim that it has been de facto recognised by the United Kingdom and Germany.

Winner, South Dakota serves as the county seat of one county and the de facto seat of another county

For two years the position of President Pro Tempore, de facto leader of the Senate, rotated every few days between 1 Democrat and 4 Republicans

Switzerland and Nauru are the only two countries in the world with no official capital city. Bern and Yaren are technically only the de facto capitals of both nations respectively.

The last de jure feudal state in the world was the Channel Island of Sark until 2008, and de facto is still operating as such in many ways, such as banned motor vehicles except for tractors.

The USA has no official language nationwide. English is the de facto but not the de jure official language (at the federal level).

The "Yassa", the de facto law of the Mongol Empire was kept secret and never made public there for the decrees could be modified and used selectively.

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