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Beyond direct and representative democracies there are also less popular forms of governance and variations on democracy including a presidential democracy, semi-direct democracy, constitutional monarchy, republic, liberal democracy, socialist, anarchist, sortation, consociational democracy, consensus democracy, supranational, inclusive democracy, participatory, cosmopolitan, and creative democracy.

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There is a revived Romanov Empire situated off the coast of Gambia with a constitutional monarchy and a council of ministers that purports to be the continuation of the Russian Empire that ceased to exist in 1917.

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  1. The government in Liechtenstein is a hereditary constitutional monarchy. The civil law system is based upon German, Austrian, and Swiss laws.

  2. The government system in Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

  3. That, had Alexander II of Russia lived only a few years longer, Russia may have become a constitutional monarchy, even before the Soviets gained power. However, after his assassination in 1881, his heirs ripped up his plans for a "Duma" a mere 48 hours before he was planned to release the plans.

  4. After the Italian Monarchy was abolished in 1946, the constitution of Italy forbade male members of the House of Savoy from entering Italy. This ban was only repealed in 2002.

  5. The 1893 coup that overthrew Liliuokalani and the monarchy began when she attempted to rewrite the constitution to favor the monarchy and ethnic Hawaiians.

  6. Some historians believe that China would have been better off if it had kept the monarchy and pursued a gradual constitutional reform instead of engaging in a violent revolution that established a republic in 1911. It is thought that policy would have ensured China's steady development

  7. The Prince of Liechtenstein blackmails his country's people into giving him unlimited constitutional powers by threatening to leave the country with all his money if people vote to limit his power. Because the people are too attached to their image as a monarchy, they let him keep his power

  8. Spain is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is the head of state and commander in chief of the Spanish Armerd Forces

  9. Brazil had a constitutional referendum in 1993 to decide if the country should have a presidential or parliamentary government, and also if the country should stay a republic or return to monarchy. Presidential and Republic won.

  10. The Provincias Unidas de la Plata (currently Argentina) had plans in place for a constitutional monarchy led by a descendent of the Incas, which was scrapped in favor of the Republic that it is today

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From 1979 to 1983, Grenada was a single-party Marxist-Leninist constitutional monarchy.

The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth was the first truly functioning constitutional monarchy, with a parliament, separation of powers as well as enthnic and religious freedoms - in the 16th Century! - source

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, their Queen has sweeping constitutional powers, and she is vested with the powers of the executive government and authority over Canada. - source

There is an unrecognized self-declared state which consists entirely of a British WWII-era gun platform. The Principality of Sealand, located off the coast of Suffolk, England, has it's own royal monarchy, national football team and constitution.

Brazil was a constitutional monarchy for most of the 19th Century - source

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Tonga has always had sovereign power; established its own constitutional monarchy and that the Constitution of Tonga establishes that the Crown owns the land and creates hereditary estates; land may not be sold but only leased or mortgaged

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