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For the questionnaire of the 1897 census in Russia, in the field "Occupation", tsar Nicholas II wrote in:"Owner of Russia"

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During World War II, an RAF gunner Nicholas Alkemade fell through 18,000 feet without a parachute and survived without injuries. He was captured by the Germans, who issued him a commemorative certificate for his miraculous survival after verifying the details of his 'story'.

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  1. When Tsar Nicholas II's daughters were executed, the executioners struggled to kill them with gunshots, due to the fact that they were carrying 1.3kg of diamonds sewn into their clothing

  2. 1389 people died at Tsar Nicholas II's coronation party as people were trampled due to rumors that there wasn't enough free beer and food.

  3. The daughters of Nicholas II were wearing so many diamonds when killed that they were partially protected from the bullets, delaying their deaths

  4. A man named Sir Nicholas Winton organised the rescue and passage to Britain of about 669 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II. Him at a ceremony surrounded by those he saved.

  5. King George V of Britain, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia were all cousins, giving each other nicknames like "Willie" and "Nicky".

  6. the three rulers of Great Britain , Russia, and Germany, respectively, were first cousins. Additionally, Czar Nicholas II of Russia, King George V of Britain were friends since childhood and were mistaken for each other because they looked so alike.

  7. The major world leaders of WWI were all cousins. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, King George V of England, and Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Their grandmother was Queen Victoria.

  8. Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra were prolific letter writers whose correspondence shows their genuine affection, constant worry over their hemophiliac son as well as references to Rasputin and his influence on their decision making.

  9. When he visited Japan as a young prince in 1891, the future Nicholas II was nearly assassinated. He survived because he turned his head at the last second, and his assailant's katana left him with just a 9-centimetre scar on his forehead.

  10. Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck champagne. In 1998, two thousand bottles were salvaged from a ship, originally destined Imperial Court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, which had been torpedoed by German sub during World War I. Only 200 bottles remain and are valued around $275,000 each.

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The final Tsar of Russia, Saint Nicholas II, spoke better English than Russian

1,389 people died in a stampede for gifts of food and drink at the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia when a rumour spread that there was not enough for everyone. - source

The first cousin once removed of Tsar Nicholas II and son of one of Rasputin's assassins served three terms as the mayor of Palm Beach, Florida - source

Czar Nicholas II net worth was $900 million when he was killed in 1918 which is the equivalent of $300 billion today. This would make him 4x richer than the richest man alive today.

All of the European royal families were connected by marriage at the time. His uncle was Edward VII the King of England and was the first cousin of Nicholas II the Tsar of Russia.

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Charles Dickens and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia were among the famed visitors who flocked to the spa town of Harrogate for centuries, with sources of water which were believed to hold healing properties. The 'foul-tasting' sulphur water was graded unfit for human consumption in 2012.

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Nicholas II of Russia was Attacked and Wounded by a Japanese Policeman During a Visit to Japan in 1891

At the outbreak of WWI, King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Tsar Nicholas were all cousins.

Nicholas II The Last Tsar of Russian Empire had a black dragon tattoo on his forearm. During his stay in a Nagasaki harbor on Russian battleship, he asked to be introduced to artists, so the next day came and tattooed his right forearm with a black dragon

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Nicholas Riasanovsky wrote the textbook that served as the American standard for teaching Russian history in colleges from the Cold War to this day. “Until World War II, Americans had very little contact or interest in Russia” and only a few universities even offered courses on Russia

During a trip to Japan in 1891, Nicholas II of Russia had dragon tattooed on his right arm. It took over 7 hours. He did this because he was a fan of "Madame Butterfly."

Prince Philip's grandmother's sister was Empress Alexandra, wife of the last russian Emperor Nicholas II.

Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, had Chinese dragon tattoo on his hand

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, King George V of England, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia who fought against eachother in WWI were second cousins.

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King George V of England was the first cousin to both Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Wilhelm and Nicholas were third cousins.

Czar Nicholas II of Russia was the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Scotts Dragoon Guards.

Rumors always have persisted that the Grand Duchess Anastasia and her brother Alexei, the children of Czar Nicholas II survived the slaughter that killed rest of the family in 1918. But DNA testing in 2007 confirmed, that was not the case.

The "Three Cousins" of WW1 (Also known as Nicholas II, Wilhelm II, and George V)

Tsar Nicholas of Russia, King George V of England, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were all cousins. Look at the resemblance between George and Nicholas! You can also find pics of them as children together on google.

One of King Geroge V's cousin is Czar Nicholas II

King George V of England and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia looked so similar, that crowds may have mistaken Nicholas II for George V at King George's wedding in 1893

King George V, against the advice of the Government, opposed the rescue of his incredibly physically similar first cousin Nicholas II and essentially signed the Tsar's death certificate

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