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In January 2018, Belgium and the Netherlands swapped land to change their national borders. Belgium's foreign minister noted that "the agreement shows that borders can also be exchanged peacefully."

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The USA has provided nuclear weapons for Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey to deploy and store but they cannot arm the bombs without authorization codes from the US Air Force.

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  1. There's a movement in Belgium aimed at splitting the country into French speakers and Dutch speakers. Belgium would then be dissolved and the respective groups would merge with France and the Netherlands.

  2. In 1952, a French man used a contagious and deadly virus to kill rabbits on his estate. It spread out of control, killing up to 98% of rabbits in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Britain. He was later given a medal by the head of the Department of Rivers and Forests.

  3. We had Dogcarts in the Netherlands and Belgium until 1911, because they were smaller and cheaper than horses and perfect for narrow streets.

  4. King Christian IX and Queen Victoria's descendants currently occupy the thrones of Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. That includes all of the remaining kingdoms of Europe today except for Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

  5. Van Helmont was born in Vilvoorde, Spanish Netherlands (present day Belgium) and was the youngest of five children.

  6. Although there are only 8 official nuclear nations, the U.S. actually loans out 150-200 nuclear weapons to several NATO nations. Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium each have 10-20. But Italy and Turkey are loaned roughly 60-70 nuclear weapons each.

  7. Vesalius was born in Brussels while it was still part of the Netherlands (modern-day Belgium).

  8. There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the Rhine River including Luxembourg's Old Quarters and Fortifications; Germany's Speyer Catherdral, Wurzburg Residence, Roman Monuments, Town of Bamberg, Koln Cathedral, and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley; Belgium's La Grande-Place and Major Town Houses of Victor Horta, and Plantin-Moretus Museum; France's Grande Grande île; and Netherland's Defense Line and 17th Century Canal Ring.

  9. One of the borders between Belgium and Netherlands runs through a cafe.

  10. Gin evolved from the Dutch juniper-flavored liquor called jenever. The European Union regulations specify that only liquor made in the Netherlands, Belgium, two northern French departments and two German federal states can use the name jenever/genever/genièvre.

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Ascension Day is a public holiday in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Vanuatu.

In the Quebec Parliment Building, there is the coat of arms for The Netherlands and Belgium and Nobody Knows why - source

The Netherlands / Belgium border cuts through houses, restaurants, and stores in the city of Baarle. There are 2 legal drinking ages, 2 bus companies, 2 postal services, and even 2 mayo toppings. - source

The coasts of Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are threatened by storm surges in the North Sea, which are caused by barometric pressure changes and strong wave action.

The remaining troops fighting for South Korea were the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey.

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When Germany invaded Belgium in 1914 they raided and dismantled The Hammont-Achel Brewery for Materials. This Brewery sits the middle of the Belgium/Netherlands border. They were extremely careful not to take anything that was within the borders of the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands rented empty prison cells out to Norway and Belgium, as the Dutch prison population is shrinking and many cells are empty

You need a license to play golf in the Netherlands and Belgium

Germany border nine other countries, including Poland, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg.

Baarle-Nassau, a town of 7,000 is split between Belgium and the Netherlands with 30 exclaves, including areas where the border splits houses in half.

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Pepper Spray is Illegal in Many European Countries Including Sweden, Denmark, The UK, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Despite being separated by Belgium, France and the Netherlands are technically bordering countries due to a shared island in the Caribbean.

Italy has one of the lowest intentional murder rates in Europe, its rate being lower than Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and Belgium to name a few.

The GDP of the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) is approximately the same as that of the continent Africa

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In 1900 China Declared War on the United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom,the Austro-Hungarian Empire, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium in support of the Boxer Rebellion.

Doggerland used to connect Denmark, England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands 8000 years ago. It sunk down and got flooded after the last Ice Age

The Black Death was less common in parts of Europe that had smaller trade relations with their neighbours, including the Kingdom of Poland, the majority of the Basque Country, isolated parts of Belgium and the Netherlands.

The "Wire of Death", a lethal electric fence put around the neutral Netherlands by Germany during WW1 to stop refugees from Belgium, killing more people than the Berlin Wall. Various methods were attempted to cross the fence, including huge ladders, tunnels, and pole vaulting.

The highest point in mainland Netherlands is just 1,059ft and is the point where 3 countries (Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands) meet. The highest point in the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands is actually a volcano in the Caribbean.

As of November 2009, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey are hosting U.S. nuclear weapons as part of NATO's nuclear sharing policy.

Two towns, Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands and Baarle-Hertog, Belgium share a border so complicated it consists of 26 separate pieces of land. The international border even runs through shops, restaurants, and houses.

There is a house in which the border of Netherlands and Belgium passes through the front door so it is considered to be in both countries simultaneously

Polish General Stanisław Maczek and his troops fought in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany in World War II.

There is a bit of The Netherlands inside Belgium inside The Netherlands

Russia's GDP is roughly equivalent to that of the Netherlands and Belgium combined

Moresnet, a small county that existed from 1815 to 1920 in Western Europe, between the Netherlands, Germany and later Belgium.

The Netherlands prison population has dropped so low that there are more guards than prisoners. Their solution is to import prisoners from Norway and Belgium to fill their prisons.

There is a village in the Netherlands and Belgium that consists of more than 20 exclaves

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