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In the 1980s that a powerful ring of MPs and ministers were sexually abusing teenage boys in sex parties in Elm Guest House in London. Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens gave a dossier of names of paeodphiles associated with Parliament. It was "lost" by the home secretary, Leon Brittan.

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In 1881 conservative MP Sir William Payne-Gallwey died as the result of severe internal injuries sustained after falling upon a turnip

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  1. By the 1930's Hornby was a millionaire and from 1931 to 1934 he was a Conservative MP for the Everton district.

  2. Conservative MP Nigel Evans regretted voting for cuts to legal aid after spending his life savings defending himself in court.

  3. Conservative MP Greg Knight's commissioned a song about him to be used on his campaign videos. This is not a joke - it's on his website.

  4. Conservative MP Greg Knight has a song about himself

  5. When John Rhys-Davies (Gimli from Lord of the Rings) was in university, his political views changed from radical leftist to conservative after his heckles toward a young local conservative MP were shot down 'brilliantly' and he actually listened to her views. That MP was Margaret Thatcher.

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