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Painting fake aircraft canopies onto the bottom of fighter planes is a technique used to confuse enemy jets about which side of an airplane is up versus down, buying critical moments of disorientation in an aerial battle.

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During WWII the Army Corps of Engineers concealed entire factories as small towns to confuse enemy bombers. Here is one example.

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  1. The name 'Tank' for armoured vehicles originated as a code word describing the vehicles as water carriers (or water tanks), to confuse enemy spies and keep their creation hidden. Water carries wasn't used as this would have been abbreviated to W.C, another name for toilets.

  2. Indian chief Pawhuska became known as White Hair after he tried to scalp an enemy officer during a battle. The officer's powdered wig came off in Pawhuska's hand letting the officer escape in the confusion. White Hair, impressed by how the wig protected its wearer, kept it until his death.

  3. The first Chinese-American Marine, Lt. Kurt Chew-Een Lee, who in 1950, while fighting Chinese troops (aiding N. Korea) during a blizzard, yelled phrases in Mandarin to locate and confuse the Chinese. This deception enabled his unit to take the enemy base despite being greatly outnumbered.

  4. In 1918, a lone German U-boat attacked a tugboat off of the coast of Cape Cod. The U-boat had terrible aim and accidentally shelled the beach while locals gathered to watch in confusion. This was the only time US soil was hit by enemy fire during WWI.

  5. 1st Lieutenant Kurt Chew Een Lee who, during the Korean War, protected his men from overwhelming Chinese forces by singlehandedly advancing upon the enemy's front and shouting in Chinese Mandarin to sow confusion.

  6. The "Ghost Army" of WWII -- an Allied Army unit that used fake soldiers, sound effects, and inflatable tanks to deceive and confuse the enemy forces

  7. About Dazzle Camouflage, a type of ship camouflage used in both world wars in which ships were painted in confusing patterns of highly contrasting colours instead of regular camo. It was intended to confuse the enemy, rather than be concealed from them. It had mixed success.

  8. There is a four house village in Shropshire, UK called 'New Invention.' It's thought to be named because a local farrier decided to put horseshoes on horses' hooved backwards to confuse the enemy in times of war.

  9. Dazzle Ocean Camo wasn't supposed to hide ships, it was to confuse the enemy's targeting ability

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A very young Lieutenant of the IDF in the Yom Kippur War thrashed a whole Syrian Armoured Division with only two operational tanks. He made it seem like he was a whole force and confused his enemy, by zipping around.

During WWII, the U.S. Army formed a top-secret military unit to use artistic and theatrical skills to confuse the enemy. - source

Some jet fighters have false canopies painted underneath their cockpits to confuse enemies. - source

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