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The family of Chris Benoit, the 40 year old wrestler who killed his wife and son before hanging himself in 2007, consider his death a result of brain damage, after tests showed years of wrestling injuries left him with the brain of an 85 year old with an advanced form of dementia

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Following the double-murder of his wife and son and suicide, former wrestler Chris Benoit's brain was found to resemble what one would expect from an 85 year old with Alzheimers.

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  1. After the WWE held a televised tribute to Chris Benoit, and the circumstances surrounding his murder/suicide were revealed, the WWE has taken steps to remove most of his history with the company, including editing him out of archived footage and video games.

  2. Chris Benoit was booked to win his third WWE world championship on the night he committed suicide, two days after he murdered his wife and son.

  3. WWE wrestler Chris Benoit murder his wife and son over a 3 day period, later killing himself. The leading cause of the double-murder suicide was attributed to severe brain damage caused by repeated untreated concussions throughout his career.

  4. In a weird concidence wrestler Biff Wellington was found dead at home the same day that his former tag team partner - Chris Benoit - allegedly murdered his wife and children and committed suicide.

  5. The band that made Chris Benoit's theme song, refuse to play it live now.

  6. An Internet troll posted about the death of Chris benoit's wife on Wikipedia 14 hours before her body was found. An investigation proved it to be a horrible coincidence.

  7. WCW booker Kevin Sullivan, had his wife Nancy and wrestler Chris Benoit, travel together, share hotel rooms and hold hands in public to preserve kayfabe. The two eventually had a real affair and got married.

  8. 14 hours before the bodies were found by police, an anonymous edit appeared on Wikipedia about former professional wrestler Chris Benoit's wife being dead. The edit was reversed at the time by a moderator who thought the edit was vandalism.

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