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Steve Austin's ex wife had a gag order put on her by WWE so she wouldn't reveal that Steve Austin beat her up 3 times as it would cost WWE millions of dollars.

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Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer used to make internal videos to show to the employees of Microsoft, one of them involved Ballmer dressing up as Dr. Evil and Gates as Austin Powers.

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  1. WWE has trademarked the bible reference “3:16”. Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin used the phrase to taunt the born-again Christian, Jake Roberts, following a match and it became a hit. “Austin 3:16” went on to become Steve Austin’s signature catchphrase and T-Shirt.

  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin had beat and bruised his then-wife and then-girlfriend. His ex-wife later claimed that it was due to roid rage and that WWE spent millions of dollars concealing these events

  3. The rock would deliberately oversell, do flips, and go flying when Steve Austin would perform a stunner on him, in order to win cases of beer over a bet.

  4. Members of the Denver Broncos Ring Of Fame, which was established in 1984 to honor members, include Floyd Little, Rich Jackson, Lionel Taylor, Austin Gonsoulin, Gerald H. Phipps, Bill Thompson, Frank Tripucka, Charley Johnson, Paul Smith, Randy Gradishar, Craig Morton, Haven Moses, Jim Turner, John Elway, Louis Wright, Tom Jackson, Karl Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, Gene Mingo, Rick Upchurch, Dan Reeves, Ton Nalen, Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Steve Atwater, and Gary Zimmerman.

  5. The person responsible for accurately tossing Stone Cold Steve Austin's beers was referee and time keeper Mark Yelton.

  6. The video of crash that turned Steve Austin into the 6 million dollar man was REAL! It is the M2-F2 lifting body from NASA. Bruce Peterson was the pilot, and was almost killed in the flight!

  7. Bruse Peterson the actual pilot of the crashing M2F2 lifting body used in the opening of the Six Million Dollar Man tv series, walked away from the crash with a broken hand and some skin off his forehead being dragged down the runway. In the show Steve Austin needed to be rebuilt as a cyborg.

  8. Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted to base his character off mafia hitman "Iceman" Richard Kuklinski.

  9. Steve Austin was on an episode of Dilbert.

  10. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer created an Austin Powers parody video.

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What age is steve austin?

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme song was based on Rage Against The Machine's song "Bulls on Parade". Stone Cold took the song to WWE's music producer Jim Johnston to make him a song based on it.

With recent events on Gay/Lesbian Marriage Stone Cold Steve Austin is actually in support of Gay marriage, "And that's the bottom line." - source

The Steve Austin (aka the Six Million Dollar Man) fought a bionic Bigfoot that was created by aliens to scare people away from their secret location. Bigfoot was played by Andre the Giant and it was his first U.S. television appearance. - source

Stone Cold Steve Austin Drove a 1988 Hyundai Excel

In 1998 during a professional wrestling match in Germany, a fan rushed the ring and attacked Steve Austin. HHH leapt to his feet and delivered a real suplex to the fan and the WWE referee then *played* the incident with fake kicks. - source

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is a year younger than Brad Pitt, both born on December 18th.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was billed in Victoria, Texas.

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