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In 1986 Jesse "The Body" Ventura attempted to unionize the pro wrestling industry, it was promptly shut down after Hulk Hogan informed WWE chairman Vince McMahon

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For 3 decades legendary female pro wrestler The Fabulous Moolah effectively controlled most of the female wrestling in the US, would allegedly sexually and financially exploit the women she managed, and sabotaged any female wrestler who could pose the threat of taking her place professionally.

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  1. Professional wrestling heels were hugely influential in the development of The Beastie Boys. "The idea of being bad-guy rappers, saying really outlandish things in interviews, that all came from a love of pro wrestling," said Rick Rubin.

  2. Lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan sued his own pro-wrestling company for not paying him on time.

  3. In 1995, Muhammad Ali, Ric Flair, and a bunch of American wrestlers went to North Korea for two pro wrestling shows. 150,000+ North Koreans attended each night and had no idea what they were watching.

  4. North Korea has the record for largest turnout for a pro wrestling event in 1994 with 170,000 people showing up to watch.

  5. Before people realized that pro wrestling was fake, one wrestler turned heel and was harassed irl wherever he went, his car was flipped over. A crazed fan stabbed him in the ass after a match.

  6. When pro wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts returned to the WWE in 2014, fellow wrestler Dean Ambrose couldn't help smiling while Roberts's pet snake was draped over him while he pretended to be unconscious as Roberts had been his one of his favorite wrestlers growing up.

  7. Rikidōzan, Japan's first post WWII icon who portrayed a Japanese hero against American villains in pro wrestling, was actually a Korean named Kim Sin-rak.

  8. Andy Kaufman wanted to bring his Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the world act to the then WWF. But Vince McMahon Sr. said he didn't want to bring "show business" into his pro-wrestling society and turned him down.

  9. The wrestling bear featured in Semi-Pro (2008) later killed a trainer named Stephan Miller

  10. American Pro-Wrestling promotion WCW, Hosted a PPV event in North Korea! The 1995 PPV still holds the record for All time attendance for any Pro Wrestling promotion.

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Japan has a pro-wrestling promotional lucha libre/comedy team "DDT" with past champions such as a school bus, a blow-up doll, and the championship belt itself.

Rowdy’ Roddy Piper ad-libbed the famous bubblegum line in 'They Live', Piper had taken the line from a list of ideas he had for his pro wrestling interviews. - source

The death of North Korea’s first leader Kim Il Sung led to the world’s most highly attended pro wrestling match between American Ric Flair and Japanese Antonio Inoki. - source

Hulk Hogan was the first person to hold the Japanese Pro-Wrestling Heavyweight Championship (IWGP Belt in 1983).

In 1981 comedian Andy Kaufman goaded his way into professional wrestling offering $500 to any woman who could pin him at one of his shows, declaring himself the Intergender World Champion, setting up a rivalry and several matches with pro Andy Lawler. - source

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Famous professional wrestler and founder of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Antonio Inoki, bought an island from Fidel Castro because he thought that treasure was buried in the island.

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Bob Saget was the commissioner of Chikara Pro Wrestling (2006-2008) before the position was taken over by Dave Coulier (2008-2010)

The longest pro wrestling match happened on 6 November 2010 for Shockwave Impact Wrestling. It was labeled "The Ultimate Iron Man Match" and was contested between American Kickboxer II, Dark Angel, DJ Tom Sharp, Logan Cross, Sid Fabulous, and "Lightning" Tim Lutz. Lutz won after 12 hours.

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle's first step into pro wrestling was providing guest commentary at a live event. He left in shock after one wrestler "crucified" a bleeding wrestler by attaching him to a cross with barbed wire and threatened to sue the owner if he was shown on TV at the event.

Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) is currently the president of the second largest pro-wrestling company in the world

Mae Young (1923-2014) had the longest pro wrestling career, spanning 70 years from 1940-2010. She won her last match, a 2-on-1 handicap match, beating LayCool (Michelle McCool and Layla El) when she was 86. Before the match she famously stated "Give me a match with these sluts!".

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Pro wrestlers used to cut the tendons of bears, as well as declaw & defang them, so they could wrestle them safely. Still there were many injuries and deaths.

I learned that while working for New Japan Pro Wrestling Hulk Hogan released a single called "Ichiban"

In 1995, a joint U.S.-Japan pro wrestling event drew 340,000 spectators over two Pyongyang.

The First Wrestlers (2017) - Untrained, young men in Vietnam risk breaking their necks to copy their WWE heroes in order to become Vietnam's first ever pro-wrestling team.

Pro wrestling tables are created by a process known as briquetting which takes saw dust (or any fuel material) and compresses it into one solid mass.

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The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was actually created back in 1981 for the Universal Wrestling Association in partnership with the WWE(then WWF). It would be moved to Michinoku Pro Wrestling in 95 before being returned to the WWE in Nov 97. WWE does not recognize reigns prior to said year.

John Bonica, a pioneer in anesthesiology and pain management, is also a member of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame as "The Masked Marvel"

About Ad Santel: A turn-of-the-century pro wrestler who legitimately defeated a string of legitimate Judoka and sparked Japan's love of pro wrestling.

Kayfabe - the code of pro wrestling's portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real"

(Future) President Abraham Lincoln invented the pro-wrestling move the Chokeslam when an opponent made him lose his temper by dirtily stomping his foot.

The Ironman Heavyweight Championship, a pro wrestling title that has been won by a Hello Kitty doll, a Dachshund, and even the title itself.

There is a "pro-wrestling" league for Kaiju Monsters called Kaiju Big Battel, and it is the most entertaining thing of all time.

~~Krusty the Clown’s nephew~~ Luke Perry’s son is a pro wrestler for the upcoming All Elite Wrestling promotion and will go by the ring name “Jungle Boy”.

Billy Corgan started a pro wrestling organization

The Stallone classic Over The Top led to the pro wrestling career of The Godfather/Papa Shango!

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