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The consumption of red meat has been linked to health concerns including cancer, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, and mad cow disease.

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Complications of diabetes can include kidney failure, blindness, amputation, cardiovascular disease, strokes, numbness, pain, foot problems, muscle wasting, and a decline in cognitive function.

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  1. Methylation, which requires vitamin B6, is important for cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

  2. The link between exercise and cardiovascular health was discovered by a Scottish epidemiologist in 1949 -- by comparing postmen who walked a lot vs. clerks who sat a lot.

  3. Contrary to what fitness buffs believe, there is no evidence that milk is bad for your cardiovascular health; in fact, there is increasing evidence that consumption of milk is associated with lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness

  4. When the body contains too many lipids, from trans fats and monosaturated fats, this can lead to hardening of the arteries, which is harmful to human health and can lead to cardiovascular issues.

  5. The risk of having a stroke is higher from gum disease than it is from cardiovascular disease.

  6. Some studies have suggested that lifestyle changes may play a part in reducing risk of developing Alzheimer's, such as diet, increasing intellectual activities, reducing cardiovascular risk, and the use of or avoidance of pharmaceutical products.

  7. Dietary Cholesterol has almost no effect in developing Cardiovascular Disease, in fact, saturated fat intake it the larger indicator of Cardiovascular Health, leading the government to re-access warnings on food packaging.

  8. The primary fatty acid in avocados is oleic acid which can improve cardiovascular health. Consuming avocados regularly can help to lower an individual's risk of heart disease.

  9. Too much noise is hazardous for your health, not just your ears; among other effects, prolonged exposure to unwanted noise may increase risk of cardiovascular disease by 5-15% per every 10 decibel levels.

  10. Arugula can increase libido and improve health of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems (by increasing motility of bowel). It can also reduce inflammation, facilitate removal of the toxins, heavy metals and pesticides from the body, relieve symptoms of gastric ulcers and prevent development of certain types of cancer.

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Studies have shown that people who have poor oral health (such as gum disease or tooth loss) have higher rates of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke than people with good oral health.

When there is a lipid imbalance in the body the result can be high cholesterol, which is believed to be associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk.

Interesterified Fats are something we should all know about. The food industry uses this fat in a large range of commonly consumed foods, and the effects on cardiovascular health are not understood. Also there are no laws for labeling this fat. - source

Green tea has a number of crazy health benefits associated with it, such as decreasing risk of breast cancer by 20-30%, prostate cancer by 48%, cardiovascular disease by 30%.

Although early results from studies show promise (particularly in relation to cardiovascular disease), there is no actual proof that dark chocolate or cocoa gives any health benefit; but being an energy-dense food, chocolate could contribute to weight gain and thus a higher risk of disease. - source

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