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The Hawaiian Islands were originally named the Sandwich Islands by British explorers after the Earl of Sandwich

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Anyone who removes Hawaiian rocks from the islands is said to be cursed. Every year people mail back thousands of pounds of rock, sand, and shells to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, many with reports of how their lives were ruined by the curse.

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  1. King Kamehameha the Great who was the founder and the first ruler of the Hawaiian islands. Akira Toriyama immortalized his name by giving to one of the most widely used attacks in DBZ.

  2. The "Niihau Incident". After a Japanese Pilot crashed on a remote Hawaiian Island following Pearl Harbor, three Japanese Americans tried to help him escape, taking locals hostage and shooting at one. Their actions may have influenced the decision to intern Japanese Americans during WWII.

  3. Hawaii affectionately calls Las Vegas "The 9th Island" with more than 300,000 Hawaiians visiting there annually.

  4. Niʻihau, the seventh largest Hawaiian Island, is privately owned by two brothers who inherited it, their great great grandmother bought it from the Kingdom of Hawai'i for $10,000 in gold in 1864.

  5. 1 of the 8 Hawaiian islands is only home to 160 people and off limits too most. Nicknamed the Forbidden Island.

  6. The largest nuclear test conducted in outer space. Starfish Prime, a July 9, 1962 high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States was launched from Johnston Island. The resulting EMP damage shut down communications, street lights and set off burglar alarms in the Hawaiian islands.

  7. The Hawaiian Islands were mosquito free before European colonization. They were introduced by visiting sailing ships in 1826.

  8. In 1890 he published a manuscript, Hawaiian Islands, detailing his findings that was to be the ultimate source of information on the island's volcanoes for decades.

  9. A group of Canada geese found their way to the Hawaiian islands 500,000 years ago and began evolving into a larger flightless version of their mainland relatives. They went extinct shortly after humans began living on the islands.

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The HMS Wellington introduced mosquitos to the Hawaiian Islands when sailors rinsed our their water barrels in a stream on Maui

Laysan albatross females sometimes form same-sex couples. On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, for example, 31 percent of the pairs are same sex couples. They take turns taking care of one egg and exhibit pair bonding rituals like bill rubbing and synchronized mating dances. - source

During the attack on Pearl Harbor a Japanese fighter pilot crash landed on the Hawaiian island of Nihau, where the residents had no knowledge of the attack or means of communication with the main land... - source

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Fresh ground water flows through lava tubes, on some of the Hawaiian islands, and flows into the sea creating offshore freshwater springs. Fishermen of old knew how to spot such springs and could draw fresh water into their boats from them. (Addition sources linked in comments)

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There's a colony of wallabies on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The colony started when 2 escaped from a private zoo in 1916. You probably won't see any because they're incredibly rare, although they have been captured on video.

After Captain James Cook kidnapped the ruling chief of Hawaii's Big Island, he was surrounded by thousands of Native Hawaiians who killed him, baked him to remove his flesh, and then returned some of his remains to his British crew.

The smallest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, Kahoolawe and its surrounding waters are by law off-limits to the public. The only way ashore is through volunteer work opportunities offered throughout the year

The last remaining Russian fort on the Hawaiian islands is the Russian Fort Elizabeth.

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The sandwich was invented by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (aka Lord Sandwich), who had the Hawaiian islands named after him for a while, was considered extremely incompetent and corrupt, and was great at cricket.

Significant amounts of basalt are produced in above-ocean hotspots. At these locations a small plume of rock rises up through the mantle from a hotspot on Earth's core. The Hawaiian Islands are an example of these basaltic volcanoes.

The Hawaiian Islands are aligned oldest to youngest from left to right

The Hawaiian Island Archipelago Extends all the way to Siberia!

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Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle) owns 98% of Lanai, one of the Hawaiian islands

Jurassic Park was filmed on the Hawaiian island Kauai.

Tourists mail back thousands of pounds of Hawaiian rock after taking them because of Pele's Curse (goddess of volcanoes). Bad luck befalls those who take lava rocks from the islands.

There is a leper colony on a Hawaiian island with patients still there

The scene where Indiana Jones threatens to blow up the ark was filmed in the same Tunisian canyon where R2-D2 was attacked by Jawas in "Star Wars," and the opening jungle scenes in "Raiders of the Last Ark" was filmed on the same Hawaiian island where dinosaurs ran amok in "Jurassic Park."

The island of Maui is not actually named after the demigod Maui, but the son of Hawaiʻiloa, the navigator credited with discovering the Hawaiian islands, who was named in honor of Maui the demigod

No species of snake live on Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, the Hawaiian archipelago, or the islands of New Zealand

The Hawaiian archipelago was known as Sandwich Islands, a name chosen by James Cook in honor of the then First Lord of the Admiralty John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

The remote Kalaupapa peninisula on the Hawaiian island of Molokai housed a settlement of Leprosy patients from 1866 to 1969. When it closed, many residents chose to stay.

The small private Hawaiian island of Niihau was considered as a possible location for the United Nations headquarters.

There was a plan to use a nuclear powered submarine to provide emergency power to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in 1982

One of the Hawaiian islands, Ni'ihau, has been privately owned since 1864 and closed to outside visitors since 1915.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cabinet strongly considered the small Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau as the location for UN headquarters in 1944, but died before he could further pursue the idea.

Hawaiians colloquially call Las Vegas "the ninth island" due to heavily subsidized trips to Sam Boyd's casinos.

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