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An 8 months Pregnant Mary Turner protested the lynching of her innocent husband Hayes Turner by a White mob in 1918 and threatened to have them arrested. In order to “teach her a lesson”, she and her unborn child were brutally murdered. No one was charged.

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A man, who brutally murdered a Sunday school teacher, plead insanity and ended up only serving 8 1/2 of his 30 year sentence for manslaughter. He now makes millions by running a mega church in TN, and even has lead the state assembly in prayer.

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  1. A group of around 200 women brutally murdered a serial rapist in front of an courthouse while he was under police protection in India. Later every woman claimed responsibility for the murder.

  2. The only reigning Empress of China was the wife of two different Emperors, who eventually usurped the throne and ruled through brutal use of murder, betrayal, and secret police forces.

  3. Mengistu, the brutal communist dictator of Ethiopia, who had thousands of people executed and may have personally murdered Emperor Haile Selassie is alive and well under asylum in Zimbabwe

  4. Archie comics released a limited series cross-over with the Predator franchise in 2015, in which several of the main characters are brutally murdered. It received critical acclaim upon release

  5. Apple Store employees stood by and listened to a person being brutally murdered in a building next door but didn't call 911

  6. Cows brutally murder about 16.5 people each year. "The CDC estimates that about twenty-two people are killed by cows each year, and of those cow attacks, seventy-five percent were known to be deliberate attacks"

  7. Chinese Empress Wu Zetian was one of the most brutal rulers in history, murdering countless rivals to consolidate her power. She would also require foreign dignitaries to perform cunnilingus on her, and even in her old age she kept a stable of sexual servants.

  8. After the murder of a civil rights protester in 1963, "That Was The Week That Was" a British comedy show performed a brutal satire of racism in the Deep South

  9. After The Sopranos episode in which 'Ralph ie Cifaretto' brutally murders his dancer girlfriend outside a club, more women began to flirt with the actor in real life (per actor Joe Pantoliano, "It was very telling..." :| ).

  10. In 1993, Canada's peacekeeping force in Somalia, the Airborne Regiment, brutally tortured and murdered a teenager. Once they returned, they were prosecuted, the regiment disbanded, and Canada's military spending was reduced by 25%.

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It was the brutal murder of 29 yo Kitty Genovese that lead to the inception of 911. Also, it's an urban myth that over 70 people heard or witnessed her murder, which lead to much investigation into what is known as the 'bystander' effect

In 2001 actor Ashton Kutcher's then girlfriend was brutally murdered by a serial killer who was described as "a modern-day Jack the Ripper". Kutcher was the first person to discover the body but didn't report it because he thought the blood was just red wine. - source

The world's most prolific serial killer, Luis Garavito, who confessed to brutally murdering over 130 children, was sentenced by a Columbian court to only 22 years in prison and may even be released early for good behavior. - source

The tribes indigenous to North America were brutal, waging war, torturing, and murdering each other for centuries before the arrival of Europeans.

Operation Barbarossa established the policy of brutality by both the Soviets and the Axis powers on the Eastern Front. The murder of POWs became common, with reprisals then becoming just as common.

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Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett Till, a 14-year old African American boy who was brutally murdered for supposedly whistling at a white woman in 1955, insisted that her son be displayed in a glass-top coffin so the world could see his beaten body

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Two U.S. Army officers were brutally murdered in North Korea for attempting to cut down a poplar tree that blocked the view between the UN command and an observation post. This is known as the "Axe murder incident".

In 1945 500 prisoners escaped from the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. Nazis incited the help from local civilians and 489 were brutally hunted down and murdered. Only 11 survived until the end of the war

The farm "Hinterkaifeck" in Germany, which was the scene of one of the most bizarre crimes in German history. The six inhabitants had been stalked for days by an unknown person before being brutally murdered on March 31st 1922. The killer/killers were never caught.

The child voice actress of "Ducky" in "The Land Before Time" was brutally murdered by her father after the movie franchise took off.

The woman who got prayer taken out of school was brutally murdered along with her son and granddaughter.

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Since 1985 at least 45 women have been sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in San Diego County, but their cases were labeled "NHI-No human involved".

In 1960, three Finnish teenagers were brutally murdered while camping in Lake Bodom. The identity of their killer remains unknown.

In 2016, Dоnаld Тrumр referred to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, in which 10,000 peaceful pro-democracy protestors were brutally murdered by the Chinese regime as a "riot". He praised the Соmmunіst раrtу's actions by saying "That shows you the power of strength".

The Oscars streaker of 1974 was Robert Opel, a gay rights activist. He went on to open the first gay art gallery in 1978. Sadly, he was brutally murdered the next year by two armed men looking for drugs.

In 1999, an Australian Missionary family was brutally murdered in India after an Angry Mob surrounded the father and his two sons in his car and set the car alight, burning them alive

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In 2003 one of Malaysia's royal dynasties saw a murder trial in which Princess Mahani was accused of enlisting the 'Bomohs' - or witch doctors - who brutally murdered her husband's second wife. The trial heard accounts of vomiting crystals, vampires and crying babies that could not be found...

Ramil Safarov, officer of the Azerbaijani Army, brutally murdered Armenian Army Lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan in his sleep with an axe during NATO's Partnership for Peace program. After being extradited to Azerbaijan to serve his sentence, he was instead pardoned & hailed as a national hero.

Mountain lions sound like women being brutally murdered. Thinking about it more this probably explains paranormal or ghost stories in certain areas.

Mary Turner, an 8-months pregnant woman who was lynched by a white mob in Georgia. Her unborn baby was also brutally murdered after being cut out of her.

Judith Barsi who voiced Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven was brutally murdered before the film's release in 1989.

The Axeman of New Orleans, an unidentified serial killer in New Orleans that brutally murdered 6-10 people with an axe in 1918-1919.

Isabella - the French princess in Braveheart - deposed her husband, may have had him brutally murdered, and ruled as regent for her son only to have her lover, Roger Mortimer, executed by Edward III.

Karl Denke, a well-loved man most called "Papa" Denke, who brutally murdered tramps and those he thought wouldn't be missed, pickled their flesh (called it pork), made shoe laces out of their hair, made suspenders out of their leathered skin, and would later sell these to the other villagers.

Russia colonized Siberia with the same type of brutality and genocide as US did with Native Americans, murdering nearly 90% of Siberian Natives

The Lonely Hearts Club Killers were a serial killer couple who would meet lonely/single women through "Lonely Hearts" newspaper ads, pose as brother and sister, rob these women, and then brutally murder them.

In 1993, two ten year-old boys brutally murdered a 2 year-old boy and became the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history!

An Indian High Court gave bail to Maya Kodnani, a convicted mass murderer on the grounds of ill health. She was convicted for leading a mob that brutally murdered over 90 people in religious riots.

In 1980 after an attempt on the then Syrian President Hafez al-Assad's life, an order was made to brutally murder an estimated 1,000 inmates of the horrifying Syrian prison Tadmor

After the ww2, the poles killed tens of jews in several violent outbreaks. In the worse outbreak, The Kielce Pogrom, 42 jews were brutally murdered.

The screaming sounds I hear outside my house on a night is a fox and not my neighbour being brutally murdered.

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