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Spielberg wrote a sequel to E.T. in which Elliot receives a radio signal that leads him to believe E.T. is back. Unbeknownst to him the signal comes from an evil alien race that landed on Earth after picking up E.T.'s "phone home" distress call. He is then kidnapped and tortured.

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A pastor and his wife kidnapped a 4-month old baby to raise as a slave. They forced her to serve them and consistently beat, tortured, and molested her. She was rescued at 19 years old and had 410 scars on her body.

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  1. In 1988 Colonel William R. Higgins was kidnapped by Hezbollah, and tortured. The skin on his face was peeled off, his tongue was cut out, the floor of his mouth removed and his penis and testicles were cut off. His daughter later won a $355 million dollar lawsuit against Iran.

  2. Rick James and his wife kidnapped a 24-year-old girl as a sex slave and torture puppet in 1993

  3. Nelson Mandela's wife Winnie was found personally responsible for a campaign of kidnapping, torture, and murder by the South African Truth and Reconciliation commission

  4. About the Rabbi Mendel Epstein, who headed a kidnapping ring in New Jersey. His clients paid him specifically to capture and torture Orthodox Jewish husbands, forcing them to grant their wives a religious divorce or 'Get'. After an FBI sting he was sentenced to 10 years in 2015.

  5. The U.S. government helped to establish, train and equip Battalion 3–16, military unit which was responsible for the kidnapping, torture, disappearance and murder of at least 184 Honduran students, professors, journalists, human rights activists and others in the 1980s.

  6. A jewish mafioso (nicknamed "The Prodfather") would kidnap men on their wives' orders and torture them into agreeing to a divorce.

  7. Mafia assassin Giovanni Brusca, who murdered between 100-200 people. His most heinous crime is the kidnap and torture of an 11 year old boy over the course of 26 month, the boy was strangled and dissolved in acid to prevent the family a proper funeral. He now collaborates with authorities.

  8. About Harry Bennett, Henry Ford’s right hand man that kidnapped employees from rival companies and tortured them for information. His house on Grosse Ile, MI had secret rooms and passageways which were also used for liquor smuggling from Canada during prohibition.

  9. The actor who played "Random Task" in Austin Powers went on to a failing MMA career and was convicted of kidnapping and torturing a woman in 2011.

  10. In 1984 the Beirut CIA Station Chief was kidnapped by Hezbollah and tortured for 15 months before he died.

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Freddy Heineken was kidnapped in 1983, held to ransom and later said "they tortured me for 3 days, they made me drink Carlsberg."

The "troubled teen" industry is for-profit kidnapping & torture sold as therapy. Some "patients" even die of neglect. - source

Sources within the DEA and CIA claim the CIA orchestrated the kidnap, torture, and murder of legendary DEA agent 'Kiki' Camarena in 1985 - source

The Somalia Affair, a Canadian peacekeeping mission in Somalia where peacekeepers kidnapped, tortured, and eventually killed a 16 year old boy. This resulted in the sacking of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and an immediate reduction in Canadian military spending by nearly 25%.

Rick James, who sang "Super Freak", was arrested and charged for kidnapping and torture on two separate occasions, once in 1991 and again in 1992. - source

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In 1985 a D.E.A agent was kidnapped while on assignment in Mexico. He was tortured for over 30 hours and a doctor was dispatched to administer drugs to prolong the agents ordeal.

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The UK justice system continues to protect the privacy of a man who, at the age of 10, kidnapped, tortured and murdered a 2 year old. Released from prison at age 18, returned to prison from 2010-2013 for child pornography, he now has his second state-sponsored protection identity.

About the Somalia Affair, a Canadian peacekeeping mission in Somalia where peacekeepers kidnapped, tortured, and eventually killed a 16 year old boy. This resulted in the sacking of the Canadian Airborne Regiment and an immediate reduction of Canada's military spending by nearly 25%.

A secret United States special operations group that was tasked with the infiltration and exploitation of various US naval bases, which was disbanded after they kidnapped and tortured a Naval Security Chief in a Florida hotel for over 24 hours

Sources within the DEA and CIA claim the CIA orchestrated the kidnap, torture, and murder of DEA agent 'Kiki' Camarena in 1985.

Coca-Cola was sued in 2001 for hiring paramilitary death squads to murder, torture, and kidnap union workers in Columbia.

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A boy who was kidnapped and tortured and suffered from PTSD was successfully treated with dolphin therapy

Christoper Nolan has a brother named Matthew who has been accused/charged with kidnapping, murder, bank fraud, contract killing, and torture. He evaded the FBI in Costa Rica for 4 years then got caught in Chicago, where he tried to escape prison. he has two children named Peter and Parker.

Donna Hylton, a key speaker at the Women's March in DC, took part in the kidnapping and torturing of a man for 15 - 20 days, before he died; for $9,000.

The David Lynch film Lost Highway's cast features 2 convicted murderers, a man whose uncle was kidnapped and tortured by the 'Ndrangheta, a man whose best friend was murdered when they were attacked outside their home, and the actor who accidentally killed Brandon Lee during filming of The Crow.

Since 2011 there have been torture camps in Sinai, where kidnapped refugees are tortured, raped. If relatives fail to pay ransoms up to $40 000, prisoners are executed.

In 2007, a young couple was kidnapped, brutally raped, and tortured to death in Tennessee. Although all perpetrators were caught, the horrific case received little attention from national media.

In 2007 Megan Williams (back) was kidnapped, gang raped, and held captive by six whites who tortured her while reportedly saying “That’s what we do to ni**ers around here!” They were not charged with a hate crime.

Johnathon Foster, a 12 year old white child who was kidnapped, brutally tortured to death with a blow torch, then wrapped in a carpet and thrown in a ditch by a black woman on Christmas Eve in 2010.

In the 1950s, the CIA kidnapped and tortured people with the help of former Nazi scientists

In 1984 Kiki Camerena, a DEA agent who was undercover in Mexico, was kidnapped, tortured for 30 hours and murdered with a screwdriver. His death sparked a huge DEA investigation which resulted in several arrests. The outcome of the investigation deterred violence against DEA agents.

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