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A member of the National Guard was accused of kidnapping and raping a woman. He lost his job, wasn’t allowed to deploy with his team and began suffering health issues. The woman later admitted that she lied and the sex was consensual. She was sentenced to 32 days jail.

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A Russian hair dresser, kidnapped a robber attempting to break into her salon, and rapes him for three days.

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  1. The Mexican Cartel Los Zetas Carried On Kidnappings Wherein They Would Hijack A Bus, Make The Fit Male Passengers Fight To The Death, Rape The Attractive Women And Put The Children And Other Women in Acid. The Men Who Survived The Gladiator Type Battles Would Then Be Made Members of Los Zetas.

  2. A 14-year old girl in Instanbul who was kidnapped and raped for seven days. When reunited with her family, her father killed her, stating that it was an "honor killing" and that the honor of the family "was dirtied".

  3. About the Massie Affair. A wife of a U.S. naval officer, Thalia Massie, claimed she had been beaten and raped by five local Hawaiians. Following a subsequent mistrial, Grace Fortescue, Massie’s mother, kidnapped and murdered one of the suspects.

  4. When Jimmy Page was 28 he had a relationship with a 14 year old who claims, "manager Richard Cole kidnapped her on Page's orders and brought her to a hotel," after which she was "locked up, albeit that word of this illegal relationship statutory rape could not get out."

  5. Since 2011 there have been torture camps in Sinai, where kidnapped refugees are tortured, raped. If relatives fail to pay ransoms up to $40 000, prisoners are executed.

  6. In 2007, a young couple was kidnapped, brutally raped, and tortured to death in Tennessee. Although all perpetrators were caught, the horrific case received little attention from national media.

  7. In 2007 Megan Williams (back) was kidnapped, gang raped, and held captive by six whites who tortured her while reportedly saying “That’s what we do to ni**ers around here!” They were not charged with a hate crime.

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