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Orcas exploit a 'security bug' in great white sharks to immobilize and kill them. When a shark is held upside down this induces tonic immobility (TI), a sort of temporary paralysis; the orca are known to attack them in a way that induces TI and will keep them there till they suffocate.

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When opossums are "playing possum" (apparent death), they are, in fact, in temporary paralysis, or thanatosis. Therefore, they are unresponsive to external stimuli.

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  1. Numbness (and sometimes temporary paralysis) caused from falling asleep on your arm is a result of nerve compression and not loss of blood flow to the limb.

  2. Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate on Parks & Recreation) had a stroke that caused temporary paralysis while she was attending NYU. She was 20.

  3. "getting the wind knocked out of you" feels like suffocating because it results in temporary paralysis of the diaphragm, inhibiting its function in the breathing cycle

  4. Aubrey Plaza suffered from a stroke in 2004 which caused temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia.

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