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A Japanese bomber pilot dropped four bombs on a small Oregon coastal town. The damp atmosphere meant the thermite bombs failed to explode. Years later the citizens of that town invited the pilot to their town. He accepted, and gave them a samurai sword as apology. It's still on display.

how many pilots did a lancaster bomber have?

In 1970, a fighter pilot was forced to eject during a training mission. His plane, however, righted itself and continued flying for miles, finally touching down gently in a farmer's field. It earned the nickname "The Cornfield Bomber."

Name of b 17 bomber that crashed?

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what was the name of the b 17 bomber that crashed?

  1. The F-82 "Twin Mustang" fighter plane, designed to escort bombers thousands of miles to Tokyo, was literally two P-51 Mustangs joined at the wing. Both cockpits were fully functional, so one pilot could sleep while the other flew the plane on missions that could last up to 12 hours.

  2. American WWII pilot Charlie Brown was struggling to keep his damaged bomber airborne in the skies over Germany in 1943 when Luftwaffe ace Hanz Stigler flew alongside. Instead of firing due to how much damage the bomber had taken as he thought it would be dishonorable, Stigler gave a salute.

  3. A B-17 bomber named Old 666 survived being attacked by 20 Japanese fighters for 40 minutes. The pilot and a gunner earned the Medal of Honor, the rest of the crew each received the Distinguished Service Cross. To this day, they're the most decorated American aircrew in history.

  4. Franz Stigler, a German ace fighter pilot who risked his life to spare and then save the lives of 9 Americans by escorting their injured B-17 bomber out of Germany. The incident would later be called "the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II."

  5. In 1945, a B-25 bomber pilot crashed into the Empire State Building's elevator shaft, snapping the cable. By the time the carriage reached the bottom, a thousand feet of cable had piled up beneath it acting like a spring, which allowed the lone occupant in the car to escape injured but alive.

  6. RAF pilot Cyril Barton. During a raid over Germany, his plane was strafed repeatedly causing three of his crew to bail out. He dropped the bomb himself, flew the heavily damaged bomber home, crashed landed it and saved the lives of everyone onboard. He however would succumb to his injuries.

  7. A Russian all-female bomber unit flying biplanes against the Germans in WW2. While two pilots distracted the searchlights, a third would cut her engines and glide in to deliver her bombs; 23,000 missions were flown and the enemy dubbed them "Night Witches"

  8. The myth that carrots improve your vision began with UK WWII propaganda. The British air force had developed new radar technology that helped them repel German bombers, but they attributed their pilots' success to a carrot-rich diet in order to keep the technology a secret.

  9. After a bombing run a damaged bomber was flying home when Luftwaffe pilot, was ordered to shoot it down. He refused as he saw it as dishonourable and flew with it to open sea, to prevent it being shot down. The two pilots met 40 years later and become friends for the rest of their lives.

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In WW2 there was a badass all-female squadron of bomber pilots whom the Germans nicknamed "The Night Witches"

In 1943 a German pilot spotted a damaged American B-17 bomber and escorted it to safety. They were reunited 40 years later after an extensive search by Charlie Brown the pilot of the B-17. - source

SR-71 pilots sometimes came from bomber aircraft because nobody else had experience in long supersonic flights. A crew taken from a B-58 Hustler ended up setting a world record for longest supersonic flight after flying the SR-71 for over 10 hours... over 15,000 miles. Nonstop. - source

Ray Holmes, an RAF Pilot who intentionally rammed a German Bomber with his Fighter to stop it bombing Buckingham Palace, bailed out, then went drinking.

WWII fighter pilot James Howard won the medal of honor for single handedly taking on 30+ German fighter planes all by himself to protect a group of American bomber planes. - source

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When Niels Bohr escaped from Denmark, he was smuggled out in the bomb bay of a Mosquito bomber. Because he didn't wear his helmet, he didn't hear the pilot instructing him to put on his mask, causing him to pass out from oxygen starvation for most of the flight.

How much do stealth bomber pilots make?

Over 800,000 women served in the Red Army during World War 2, a significant portion of whom did so in combat roles; there were female snipers, machine-gunners, anti-air gunners, tank crews and even pilots, with some bomber regiments being made up entirely of women, including the ground crews.

A WWII wedding dress that is made of the parachute material that saved the groom's life. Maj Claude Hensinger was a bomber pilot flying over Japan in 1944 when his B-29's engine caught fire and he and his crew were forced to evacuate the plane, doing so with this parachute.

During WWII, when he realised his guns had malfunctioned, an RAF pilot prevented a German bomber from bombing Buckingham Palace by cutting the German plane in half with the wing of his Hawker Hurricane.

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The Grandson of Col Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay (Hiroshima, Aug 6, 1945) is now the second in command of all US Nuclear bomber and missile forces. General Paul Tibbets IV.

Mikhail Devyatayev, a Soviet Fighter pilot who escaped a concentration camp by stealing a German bomber and flying it back to his own lines. The NKVD didn't believe this story and he was labelled as a criminal and sent to prison.

Enola Gay, the bomber responsible for Hiroshima, was named for the pilot's mother. She, in turn, was named after the 1886 novel "Enola; or, Her fatal mistake."

The "Cornfield Bomber": a Convair F-106 Delta Dart which made an unpiloted landing in a farmer's field in Montana, suffering only minor damage, after the pilot had ejected from the aircraft. The aircraft, recovered and repaired, was returned to service.

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While serving as a bomber pilot in WWII, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry befriended a Chinese pilot called Kim Noonien Singh. Gene tried to reach out to his friend by naming the character Khan Noonien Singh after him, but the attempt failed and the two men never saw each other again.

Adolph Malan, a South African flying ace, led the No. 74 Squadron RAF during the battle of Briton, known for sending bomber pilots home with dead crews as a warning to other German crews. When he returned home, he considered apartheid a Nazi ideal, and got involved in anti-apartheid movements.

In 1945 five bombers in training went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. The rescue plane sent to search for them never returned either. One pilot reported, "Everything looks strange, even the ocean," prior to disappearing forever.

Don Herbert - Mr. Wizard of television fame - was a B-24 Liberator bomber pilot in WWII, completing 56 combat missions and earning the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross.

Japanese fighter aircraft were shooting and killing American airmen who had parachuted from their damaged bomber during WWII. One airman was hit and wounded but played dead. When a fighter slowly flew near him to see if he was dead, he pulled out his pistol and shot the pilot dead.

In WWII the US Army Air Force had trouble convincing pilots to fly the B-29 bomber(which had engine fire problems), so to convince pilots to fly, the army had women pilot the plane to prove that it was safe to fly.

About the Berlin Candy Bomber. Gail Halvorsen was an US bomber pilot who dropped candy (his personal ration at first) over West Berlin during the airlift period. He "wiggled" his planes' wings to alert the kids on the ground of which of the many planes was his.

During WWII, A German fighter plane spared/escorted an American Bomber- pilot, Charlie Brown -to safety. Later in life (both surviving the war) they became close friends.

After Russian bomber pilots flew 40 miles near the coast of California, they were quickly intercepted by U.S. fighter jets. They responded with "We were just here to greet you on your 4th of July Independence Day" before retreating

In 1959 John S. Lappo a US Air Force pilot flew a RB-47 Stratojet Bomber underneath the Mackinac Bridge just because he always wanted to.

The Night Witches, a Soviet Air Forces bomber Regiment that fought during WWII. All the Pilots were women and they became on of the most decorated Soviet Units of the war.

In 2012 there were more drone pilots trained in the US than pilots trained for bomber and fighter jets.

When artist Al Hirschfeld (famous for hiding the name of his daughter, Nina, in his drawings) learned that the U.S. Army had used his cartoons to train bomber pilots to spot their targets by trying to spot the NINAs, he told the magazine he found the idea "repulsive".

James E Swett, a Marine Hellcat pilot in WWII who downed 7 Japanese dive bombers and earned the Congressional Medal of Honor on his first combat mission.

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