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When IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands died, the Iranian government renamed Winston Churchill Boulevard, the location of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Tehran, to Bobby Sands Street, prompting the embassy to move its entrance to avoid using Bobby Sands Street on its letterhead.

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After the death of several Northern Irish republicans in a prison hunger strike, the Iranian government renamed the street where the British Embassy in Tehran is located from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Bobby Sands Street, after one of the strikers.

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  1. The Irish Hunger Strike in 1981, led to prisoner Bobby sands being elected Member of Parliament during the strike, it gained media interest from around the world. The strike ended after ten prisoners had starved themselves to death—including Sands, his funeral was attended by 100,000 people.

  2. Bobby Sands, a member of the Provisional IRA, was elected to British Parliament while in prison. He was never seated and died after 66 days of hunger-striking.

  3. After Bobby Sands died while on hunger strike, Iran changed the name of Winston Churchill Boulevard, the home of the British embassy in Tehran, to Bobby Sands Street as a sign of respect. The British embassy moved their door to a different road to avoid using Bobby Sands Street as their address.

  4. The street of the British Embassy in Tehran (Iran) was renamed from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Bobby Sands street (Bobby Sands was an IRA member who died on hunger strike in a British prison).

  5. When Bobby Sands died after the hunger strike the Iranian gov. named the street that the British embassy was on "Bobby Sands Rd" So the British Embassy had to move the front door of to the other side of the building so the address wouldn't be British Embassy, Bobby Sands Rd, Tehran, Iran.

  6. When Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands died in 1981 there were numerous protests around the world including Norway, Portugal, France, America, India and Russia. Iran went so far as to rename 'Winston Churchill Street' where the British Embassy was located to 'Babi Sanz Street'.

  7. In 1981,a letter was smuggled from Palestinian prisoners in a desert jail in nafha to the families of 10 Irish rebels including Bobby sands,who gave their life during a hunger strike while protesting british rule in ireland,giving their support to the Irish families who had lost loved ones.

  8. A prisoner from Northern Ireland named Bobby Sands was elected to the House of Commons while still imprisoned. He died during a hunger strike less than a month after being elected, before he could take his seat.

  9. Invisible Sun" by The Police is about the Troubles in Ireland, specifically the 1981 hunger strike starting with Bobby Sands, and the song was subsequently banned by the BBC.

  10. It was on this day (May 5th) that Bobby Sands' hunger strike ended unfortunately with his death.

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In Steve McQueen's 'Hunger' (2008) which stars Michael Fassbender as IRA member Bobby Sands, there is a 17 min long single take of dialogue between Fassbender and Liam Cunningham. The two actors lived together for some time and rehearsed the scene "15 to 20 times a day" to perfection.

Iran renamed British Embassy street to the name of "Irish militant guerrilla" who died on hunger strike - Bobby Sands Road - source

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