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Former British PM Margaret Thatcher horrified her advisers when she suggested a 'Cromwell solution' to the troubles in Northern Ireland which would forcibly expel all Catholics from the region and relocate them to the Republic of Ireland.

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The song "Zombie" by the band "The Cranberries" is about a bombing that happened during Northern Ireland's "The Troubles" time period

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  1. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the IRA would kidnap the families of 'collaborators' and threaten to kill them unless the collaborators drove suicide car bombs into military checkpoints

  2. The phrase "sold down the river" originated in the Mississippi region of the USA during slave trading days. Slaves who caused trouble were sold from the northern slave states into the much harsher conditions on plantations in lower Mississippi.

  3. Werner Heubeck, the managing director of Ulsterbus during The Troubles of the 1970s and 1980s in Northern Ireland, was known for personally removing IRA bombs from buses to keep them running on time.

  4. In 1974 Great Britain had a secret plan to cut all ties with Northern Ireland, drawn up by PM Harold Wilson. The plan was "an attempt to end the Troubles by forcing unionists to share power with nationalists". The Irish government argued it would cause a civil war.

  5. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland; tar and feathers made too much of a mess; so it was given up in favor of Kneecapping; between 1973 and 1979, the police say there were 756 kneecappings

  6. At the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Gerry Adams, any member of political party, Sinn Féinn, and loyalists were banned from speaking on the BBC, with none of their voices being broadcast. To bypass this, many broadcasters dubbed the voice of anyone affected over with actors.

  7. The ‘Ulster Project’ or ‘Irish Children’s Project’ began in 1975 with the intention to provide a safe place in the US for teenagers from Northern Ireland to discuss the climate of "the Troubles" that was facing them at home.

  8. The total amount of people who have ever died in Northern Ireland's "Troubles" (paramilitary groups fighting a semi-civil war over a 45 year period) is around 3,568 up to 2010, or an average of about 75 per year, in a country of around 1.8m people.

  9. During the Troubles, the Irish Republic made secret plans to invade Northern Ireland.

  10. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Irish Army devised a plan to invade the North, which included sending in commandos to infiltrate Belfast's airport and the BBC in conjunction with IRA forces. The plan was abandoned partly due to fear of British retaliation against the Republic.

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The conflict that lasted nearly three decades between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland was referred to as "The Troubles."

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries killed more civilians than the IRA, while the IRA had the greater number of kills overall only 35.6% of those killed by the IRA were civilians while 87.2% of those killed by Loyalist groups were civilians - source

The British intelligence forces attempted to create a satanic panic in Northern Ireland during the troubles by placing black candles and upside-down crucifixes in derelict buildings and war torn areas. - source

During the troubles in Northern Ireland, the IRA killed more people over all, but the unionist gangs actually killed more civilians than the ira.

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