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Ohio and Michigan "went to war" in 1835 in a border dispute called the Toledo War. No one was killed, but one man got stabbed.

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When there is a disputed border, Google maps tailors its maps to the claims of each country where the Internet browser is located

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  1. The Rio Grande was the physical border in dispute between the Republic of Texas and Mexico in the 19th century. Once the Republic of Texas became a U.S. state the US invaded Mexico, in 1846.

  2. Croatia and Serbia have a border dispute because they marked their border using the Danube River, and it has since changed course. Serbia claims the current course, Croatia claims the old course

  3. The Toledo War, a border dispute between Ohio and Michigan. This started a long rivalry, which has become the modern day gridiron rivalry between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines

  4. A small tract of land (termed "The Wedge") along the borders of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Ownership of the land was disputed until 1921; it is now recognized as part of Delaware.

  5. Westsylvania, a proposed US state around the time of the American Revolutionary War, proposed to settle a border dispute between Pennsylvania and Virginia. The state was rejected by the Pennsylvania Assembly, that declared support for the state treason.

  6. Parts of the original Maryland Colony eventually became other states as Maryland ceded land that became part of Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Maryland's northern border was established after a legal dispute which resulted in the Mason-Dixon Line in 1763.

  7. There is a border dispute for the slice of land on the International Boundary between the Yukon and Alaska in the sea. Canada and the US have yet to resolve the dispute for the wedge-shaped piece of property.

  8. The Spanish-Portuguese border is still disputed, with Portugal claiming lands it was forced to cede during the Napoleonic Wars

  9. There is a hole in the Canada-Denmark (Greenland) border where there is technically no line separating the nations. This was done as a way to avoid the dispute about who owns the island that the border would have crossed.

  10. From 1664 to 1702 the New Jersey Colony was divided into East Jersey and West Jersey. Each had their own constitution. The border was never firmly established and often in dispute.

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There is a longstanding border dispute between Venezuela and Guyana; Venezuela's claim is for over half of Guyana's land

Sweden and Finland share a small island called Märket. In 1885, the Finns accidentally built an lighthouse on the Swedish side of the island. This land dispute was solved in 1985 by redrawing the border to include the lighthouse and cede an equal sized piece of land on the other side to Sweden. - source

China has border disputes with 23 nations; But it shares borders with only 14 nations - source

The states of Ohio and Michigan once almost got into an armed conflict over a border dispute

Migingo Island - a 0.0008 square mile island in Lake Victoria that is the center of a border dispute between Uganda and Kenya. It is extremely densely populated with roughly 130 people living on the island, which equates to ~169,900 people per square mile. - source

Allocational border disputes occur when?

The "Cod Wars", three territorial expansion disputes between The United Kingdom and Iceland. Iceland won on each account and eventually expanded its water border out to 200 nautical miles as exclusive fishery zoning.

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About David Gareja, a 6th century Monastery which borders are disputed between Georgia and Azerbaijan. The complex has suffered Mongol invasions, as well as a massacre of the monks in 1615. It was used as a training ground for the Soviet military and is now a tourism and pilgrimage destination.

Taiwan has official border disputes with 10 different nations: China, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Burma, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Quebec and Newfoundland have a border dispute. The two Canadian provinces both claim Labrador, which the UK in 1927 formally awarded to Newfoundland. Despite the ruling, the Quebec government frequently publishes maps showing part of all of Labrador as part of Quebec.

Google Maps creates different world maps for different users around the world based on what country they’re accessing the app from to mitigate the problem of border disputes so each country is happy.

Philadelphia, MD and Pittsburgh, VA would be current realities if 18th century colony border disputes had gone the other way.

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A major news channel in India animated a gladiatorial-style duel between the President of China and Prime Minister of India to represent a border-dispute

Denmark and Canada have a light-hearted border dispute over a tiny barren island in the Arctic region. They both periodically change the flag of sovereignty on it and leave a bottle of alcohol for the other nation to find. Denmark leaves whiskey, and Canada leaves schnapps.

The US and Canada still have several unresolved disputes over their shared border.

A pair of counties on the Nevada and California went to war over a border dispute - the Roop County War

The Chamizal dispute was one of the last remaining border disputes between the US and Mexico. It was resolved with a treaty in 1964.

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The town of Key West declared independence on April 23, 1982, over a border patrol dispute. During the protest, the mayor also declared war: then surrendered in one minute, and requested one billion in foreign aid.

The Honey War. A boarder dispute between Iowa (first as a part of Wisconsin Territory, then Iowa Territory) and Missouri over their border. The only casualties were three trees containing beehives which were cut down.

Czech politician Vít Jedlička founded the self-declared libertarian micronation Free Republic of Liberland (with himself as Liberland's first President) on a tiny disputed border area between Serbia and Croatia.

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