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After undefeated boxer Billy Collins, Jr. was beaten so badly during his fight, his curious father insisted on shaking his opponent's hands. He discovered the fighter had removed all his padding, and eventually led to a 2.5 year prison sentence.

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In 1983, professional boxer Luis Resto illegally removed the padding in his gloves in a match against the undefeated Billy Collins Jr. Collins was in such bad shape after that he was forced to retire, and committed suicide one year later at the age of 22.

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  1. Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was previously an undefeated boxer from 1951-1960, winning the Ugandan light-heavyweight boxing championship.

  2. Muhammad Ali's daughter, Laila, is an undefeated boxer

  3. Boxer Billy Collins, who in 1983 had his undefeated career ended when his opponent, Luis Resto, cheated and removed safety padding from his gloves and tore Collins' Iris in his right eye. Depressed, Collins spiraled into alcoholism and depression leading to his apparent suicide.

  4. As an amateur boxer, Mickey Rourke had a streak of 12 straight K.O's. He became a pro boxer in '91 and went under the nickname “El Marielito“. He retired in '95 undefeated. During this sporting time Rourke had surgery on many facial reconstructions that have left him looking the way he is now.

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