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Tupac was a ballet dancer, and played the role of the Mouse King in The Nutcracker.

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Abstract paintings by a previously unknown artist "Pierre Brassau" were exhibited at a gallery in Sweden, earning praise for his "powerful brushstrokes" and the "delicacy of a ballet dancer". None knew that Pierre Brassau was actually a 4 year old chimp from the local zoo.

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  1. Professional ballet dancers can go through 4 pairs of pointe shoes in a week.

  2. King Louis XIV of France was an avid ballet dancer and performed 80 roles in 40 major ballets in his lifetime - nearly the same amount of a professional ballet dancer.

  3. The first live-action adaptation of the Hobbit was made in the Soviet Union. The goblins were portrayed by dancers from the legendary Mariinsky Ballet and Smaug and the Mirkwood spiders were puppets.

  4. There Are Ballet Slippers That Make Drawings From The Dancer's Movements

  5. Russia has produced some of the most talented and famous ballet dancers in the world including Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and others who have performed at the world famous Bolshoi Ballet and Mariinsky.

  6. Traditionally "ballerina" referred only to the principal or top dancer. The technical term for one who practices ballet is simply "ballet dancer."

  7. The actor who played Karl, the main henchman to Hans Gruber in the movie Die Hard was a Russian trained ballet dancer who defected to the USA which at the time caused an international incident

  8. In 1986 a the sound of the vaginas of some ballet dancers where sent into space

  9. King Louis the XIV (The Sun King) was an avid and exceptional dancer. Once King of France, he established Royal Academy of Dance, the first professional dance school of its kind. Previous to this, court "ballets" were performed by members of the court, rather than professional dancers.

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King Louis XIV (The "Sun King") of France was a Ballet Dancer. King Louis was often a performer in Moliere's plays

In 2013 Bolshoi Ballet artistic director S. Filin was attacked with acid by men hired by a Bolshoi dancer angry about "unjust" funds allocation. Despite not apologising for the crime and having Filin lose an eye, the dancer was out of jail in 2016 and returned to Bolshoi for morning exercises. - source

Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon is also a ballet dancer. - source

Ballet dancers spin clockwise, while most athletes in other disciplines turn counter-clockwise (including Figure Skating, Gymnastics and Diving)

In English, there is no masculine form of "ballerina", men are male ballet dancers or simply dancers. - source

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Anna Pavola, a Russian ballet dancer's last words were "Get my 'Swan' costume ready"

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Peter Barsocchini, creator of High School Musical, got the inspiration to write the character Troy Bolton (played by Zack Effron) through the story of his highschool friend (now SuperBowl MVP and Hall of Famer) Lynn Swan because back in highschool, Swan wanted to be a ballet dancer

I earned that early ballet dancers in Paris were street urchins who entertained and provided sexual favors to the elite

Actor Alexander Gudunov, (Die Hard, Witness) was actually a famous ballet dancer and caused an international incident when he defected from the USSR to the US.

A male ballet dancer is called a ballerino

Before Alexander Godunov played Hans Gruber's right-hand man in "Die Hard," he was a Russian ballet dancer who defected to the USA and sparked an international incident that inspired a film of its own.

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At age 6, actress Ally Sheedy was a ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theatre and a published author of a children's book at age 12.

A ballet dancer called Henry Danton won a silver medal at the Royal Academy of Dance in 1942. Silver was in short supply during WWII so he was told he would get the medal when it became available. He is now "100 and a half" years old, and was given the medal this fall.

Alexander Godunov (Karl from Die Hard) was a ballet dancer who defected from the Soviet Union in the 1980s and caused an international incident

First Black woman promoted to principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre was Misty Copeland in June,2015.

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