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There was an actual "Super Hero Movement" in Seattle led by a mixed martial artist who went by the name, Phoenix Jones. They stopped multiple assaults and robberies, and disbanded in 2014.

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In 1995 martial artist Yuki Nakai lost an eye thanks to an illegal move by his opponent. Half blinded he went on to win the match.

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  1. Martial artist Yuki Nakai beat 2 fighters, twice his size, in a tournament after an illegal eye gouge left him blind in one eye. He developed complete blindness in one eye, yet kept it secret for years in order to protect the reputation of martial arts.

  2. Jet Li's Once upon a time in China and Jackie Chan's Drunken Master are just 2 of over over 100 films and TV series made about a real martial artist, Wong Fei-Hung.

  3. C. 400 BC, a Roman martial artist won a battle by penetrating the side of his opponent with his hand, killing him

  4. Actor Ray Park is an extensively trained martial artist & accomplished Wushu Champion. He's showcased his skills in roles such as Darth Maul & Snake Eyes.

  5. In 2002 mixed martial artist, actor, American football player, and pro wrestler Bob Sapp was so overwhelmingly popular that he was awarded the coveted Tokyo Sports MVP/Best Wrestler Award, an award given annually since 1974. He's the first and still the only non-Japanese to win this award.

  6. Albrecht Dürer, the famed artist, was also experienced in swordsmanship and published many works on the subject, including fighting manuals still used today in historical European martial arts (HEMA).

  7. Muhammad Ali once fought a Antonio Inoki a mixed martial artist, now a Japanese politician, and proceeded to get his legs kicked the entire fight.

  8. Michael Jackson was a 2nd dan black belt martial artist. He incorporated the skills into his dance moves and felt the two were closely linked

  9. Martial artist Frank Dux who was the inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport. He claims to have won the medal of honour, served in the CIA, gone undefeated in 300 fights, and been the first Westerner to win a secret 60 round lethal martial arts tournament in the Bahamas known as the Kumite!

  10. 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt was a mixed martial artist and would often spar with guests throughout his presidency in the White House to pass time/entertain.

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The voice of Kaneda in the Pioneer dub of AKIRA is that of Johnny Yong Bosch, a martial artist and voice actor who played the Black Power Ranger. He is also the front man of a band called Eyeshine, based out of Los Angeles.

Jack Ma , CEO of Alibaba group starred in a short martial arts movie with many other well known martial artists - source

Guy Ritchie is an accomplished martial artist - whilst listening to Guy on JRE I found out he not only has a black belt in Judo but also has a BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie - source

Russian mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko is known as "The Last Emperor."

Luc Bendza, a martial artist and actor from Gabon, who as a child went to China to learn Kung fu - source

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Famed martial artist and actor Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, California

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Jackie Chan is not only a martial artist, actor, and producer, but a singer as well. In 1998, he voiced Shang and in the Cantonese version of Mulan and recorded "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

Bruce Lee said in a 1971 interview that he pitched an idea for a TV series called The Warrior, meant to star himself, about a martial artist in the American Old West to Warner Bros – wasnt made. In 1972 WB aired Kung Fu with a similar concept but starred David Carradine – didnt know kung fu

Bruce Lee, the most influential martial artist of all time, and widely recognised as the 'father of MMA' only personally certified three students, Taky Kimura, James Yimm Lee, and Dan Inosanto, in Jun Fan Gung Fu, the predecessor to Jeet Kune Do, his own philosophy of martial arts.

about Xu Xiadong, a Chinese Mixed Martial artist who keeps on challenging grandmasters propagating fake martial arts and defeats them. The Chinese government and people continuously harass him and his family. He even has been made wear clown make up while fighting. But he continues to fight.

about Xu Xiadong a Chinese Mixed Martial artist who keeps fighting grandmasters of fake martial arts to prove they are fake. He and his family continuously faces harrasments from the government and the people. He has been ordered to paint his face like a clown if he wishes to keep on fighting.

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A martial artist's punch has more force from 1 inch away than a 30mph car crash. (Starts at 8:12)

In addition to being an actor and a martial artist, Donnie Yen is also a musician. With knowledge of both hip-hop and break dancing.

The professional wrestler/mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar had an NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings.

Michael Jackson had a black belt in Kung Fu, was trained in martial arts and according to his bodyguard and martial artist Matt Fiddes he was one of the best martial artists he has ever seen

The Chairman on Iron Chef America is not actually the nephew of the original Iron Chef guy, but rather is well-versed martial artist and actor Mark Dacascos.

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