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Dominos Pizza stopped using its "Avoid The Noid" mascot because a 22 yr old paranoid schizophrenic named Kenneth Noid--thinking he was the real Noid--took 2 employees hostage with a .357 magnum revolver.

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Kenneth Lamar Noid, who took 2 hostages at a domino's pizzeria when he thought the "avoid the noid" ad campaign was a personal attack on himself.

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  1. The 1980's mascot for Domino's called 'The Noid' was retired because a paranoid schizophrenic named Noid took two Domino's Employees hostage thinking the 'Avoid the Noid' ad campaign was targeted at him.

  2. Domino's Pizza discontinued the 'Avoid the Noid' marketing campaign after Kenneth Lamar Noid held two employees hostage at gunpoint in 1989, under the impression the campaign directly targeted him. He later killed himself, resulting in permanent cancellation of the campaign.

  3. The “Avoid the Noid” campaign by Domino’s Pizza in the ‘80s was ended after a tense stand off at a Domino’s pizzeria. Kenneth Noid, a mentally ill man, held workers at hostage because he thought the ad campaign was targeted at him. The police chief later called him “para-Noid”.

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