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Fiji Water once ran an ad campaign stating "The label says Fiji because it's not bottled in Cleveland". The city of Cleaveland responded by testing both Fiji water and their own tap water. They found 6.3 micrograms of arsenic in Fiji water, and none in their own.

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The diamond engagement ring fever was invented by an ad campaign in the 1930s and that before that few Americans proposed with the precious stone, and the price of diamond was falling

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  1. Breakfast wasn’t regarded as the most important meal of the day until an aggressive marketing campaign by General Mills in 1944. They would hand out leaflets to grocery store shoppers urging them to eat breakfast, while similar ads would play on the radio.

  2. After the band Chumbawamba was paid $100,000 by General Motors for the use of their song "Pass it Along" in an ad, they then donated 100% of the proceeds to activist groups for the purpose of beginning information and environmental campaigns against GM.

  3. There was a Canadian ad campaign for "Diamond Shreddies", which were just the original square Shreddies, rotated 45°.

  4. In 1985, Burger King launched a viral ad campaign featuring 'Herb the Nerd', a mysterious man who had never eaten a Whopper in his life. People could get a 99 cent Whopper by saying "I'm Not Herb", or if their name was Herb, "I'm not the Herb you're looking for."

  5. The Screen Actors Guild strike of 1999 prevented the use of live actors in advertising. Struggling to boost sales and needing an ad campaign, an insurance company turned to CGI to replace the actor. The Geico Gecko was born.

  6. Subaru created ad campaigns for lesbians after market research showed lesbians were a large portion of their customer base.

  7. Dove once ran a "Natural beauty" campaign which centered around "real" looking women. It turned out all of the women in this ad series had been Photoshopped.

  8. Daniel Snyder (controversial owner of the Washington Redskins) took over Six Flags in 2005 and on his second day fired Mr. Six (the dancing old guy), calling the ad campaign "pointless"

  9. The largest anti-smoking ad campaign "Truth" is funded by the tobacco companies as part of a settlement to be exempted from individual lawsuits stemming from harm caused by tobacco.

  10. In 2012, the advertising campaign for a UK energy drink called "Pussy" was banned as sexually explicit and offensive. Pussy energy drink ad slogan was: "The drink's pure, it's your mind that's the problem."

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ad campaign fact data chart about Tourism in iconic Arches national park is skyrocketing, spec
Tourism in iconic Arches national park is skyrocketing, specifically after 2013. This was when Visit Utah's mighty five ad campaign premiered

ad campaign fact data chart about This ad campaign by the WWF that represents each animal of a
This ad campaign by the WWF that represents each animal of an endangered species with one pixel

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Mastercard's memorable "Priceless" ad campaign was plagiarized. The original is "There are things money can't buy, but, for everything else, there is Bancard" - Wikipedia

In the 1980s, Dominos Pizza had a campaign centered around "The Noid". It was discontinued in 1989 after a mentally ill man named Kenneth Noid took Dominos Pizza workers hostage after he thought the ads were a personal attack on him. - source

The Domino's launched an ad campaign in 2009 where they pointed out that their pizza wasn't the best it could be, and that they wanted another chance. As a result, the company had one of the biggest turnarounds in its industry in history. - source

Johnny Cash's estate had to turn down an ad campaign to use Ring of Fire for hemorrhoid-relief medication

Congressman James Traficant was indicted for allegedly taking more than a $100K in bribes during his campaign for county sheriff. At trial, Traficant claimed that he was simply trying to infiltrate the Mafia. “I got inside of the Mob,” he insisted, adding, “I fucked the Mob.” He was acquitted. - source

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In 1959 Guinness dropped 150,000 special “messages in a bottle” into the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate its 200th birthday. Making it one of the longest ad campaigns ever.

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The image of Subarus being cars for lesbians is a result of a 20-year long ad campaign targeted at the LGBT audience.

An ad campaign used DNA found on discarded cigarette butts to construct digital portraits to publicly shame litterbugs

The Energizer Bunny ad campaign did not lead to increased sales. In fact, Energizer's sales fell. It is speculated consumers associated the bunny with Duracell batteries and purchased them instead.

In 2008 the makers of square-shaped Shreddies breakfast cereal ran an ad campaign promoting their 'new' diamond-shaped version. Sales increased by 18%.

Reebok's first major ad campaign featured two obscure decathletes.They were features in several Super Bowl ads in 1991. The ads pitted them to see who was the worlds greatest athlete and who would win the Olympic title. After being made superstars, one failed to qualify and the other got bronze

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ad campaign fact infographic about People googling "Geico gecko name", in the US. After an ad c

People googling "Geico gecko name", in the US. After an ad campaign depicting an employee not knowing his mascots name.

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Subaru, struggling financially in the 90s, launched a subtle ad campaign targeting the lesbian community by including details like "P-Townie" (Provincetown) on license plates. This campaign likely saved the company.

MTV would have folded in 1983 if Mick Jagger hadn't agreed to say, "I Want My MTV" in front of a camera and allowed it to be used in MTV's iconic "I Want My MTV" ad campaign. That ad campaign saved the network from ruin.

The recommendation to see a dentist every 6 months was not based on any evidence. It just stuck after a 1930s Pepsodent ad campaign.

Overall sales for Lincoln increased by 25 percent one month after Matthew McConaughey's ad campaign was launched.

In 1967 Canadian Club launched their "Hide A Case" ad campaign. Cases of CC were hidden in exotic locations such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Angel Falls, Mount St. Helens, and the Swiss Alps. A small number of cases, such as one hidden above the Arctic Circle have never been found

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During a 1967 mayoral election in Picpaza, Ecuador, a foot powder brand called Pulvapies decided to run an ad campaign with the slogan "Vote for any candidate, but if you want well-being and hygiene, vote for Pulvapies" and ended up wining the majority vote for mayor.

The last ever Minister of State for Immigration in the UK, advocate of the 'Go Home' ad campaign targeting illegal immigration, was forced to resign in February 2014 after he discovered that his cleaner did not have the right to be in the country.

In 2007 the Australian government ran an ad campaign aimed at reducing road deaths. Their slogan suggested that speeders have small penises: "Speeding. No-one thinks big of you"

Kenneth Lamar Noid, who took 2 hostages at a domino's pizzeria when he thought the "avoid the noid" ad campaign was a personal attack on himself.

Lyndon Johnson aired the ad, "Daisy" during his 1964 re-election campaign against Barry Goldwater and it became known as the first attack ad against a political candidate.

In 1907 one of the Kellogg's brothers ran an ad campaign which offered a free box of cereal to any woman who winked at her grocer.

To rival McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, the A&W restaurant chain released the Third Pounder & sold it at the same price. Despite a lavish ad campaign, A&W’s burger was snubbed by consumers b/c they thought that 1/4 is greater than 1/3 such that they would be getting less beef for the same price.

In response to falling birthrates, an ad campaign was organized in Denmark with the slogan, "Do it for Denmark!"

Chrysler's "Corinthian leather", made famous by an ad campaign starring Ricardo Montalban, actually came from Newark, NJ.

As the result of a successful ad campaign in 1974, eating at KFC on Christmas has become a tradition for many Japanese people. Many of them order months in advance to avoid hours-long lines

In 1996, US advisers used polls, focus groups, negative ads and other US campaigning techniques to help Yeltsin win the Russian election

One of the founders of LifeLock (an American credit monitoring company) used his Social Security number in an ad campaign. As a result, he became a victim of 13 cases of identity theft.

The Diamond Producers Association, a global trade group of seven of the world's leading diamond producers, launched an ad campaign to win over millennials, b/c of declining diamond sales as millennials prefer lab-grown or gemstone rings for engagement.

In 1987, Gold Blend coffee commissioned a serialized romantic ad campaign that became so popular it spawned a book and music CDs as well as selling a video compilation of "episodes". Also, it boosted sales by 50%

One of Michael Bay's first directing jobs was directing the "Got Milk" ad campaign

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