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It is impossible to type any sentence under 3200 characters that has not been written online before. Everything that has or can be written is typed out in the Library of Babel.

The library of Babel. A collection of every possible 3200 character long string made up of all letters of the alphabet, spaces, comma s, and periods. Anything that can be said inside these constraints has technically been written.

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  1. Everything up to 3200 characters long and contains only lower-case letters, spaces, commas, and periods is already written in the Library of Babel. Therefore, everything that has been or could be written is cataloged and already exists. Therefore, it is just a matter of looking things up.

  2. There's an online library that contains 10^4677 books, with every possible combination of English letters up to 3200 characters. Meaning everything ever written and to be written is contained within the books.

  3. The library of babel - a website which contains every possible written combination of up to 3200 characters. Search anything you can think of and it's already there.

3200 characters facts
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