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In the 1960s, Heineken proposed a novel idea: rectangular "World" beer bottles that could double as bricks for affordable housing.

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George Lucas wants to build affordable housing on his land because ‘we’ve got enough millionaires’

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  1. Rich neighbors refused to let George Lucas build a studio, so he’s building affordable housing instead. "We’ve got enough millionaires here."

  2. Vancouver, Canada has the least affordable housing in North America, more expensive than Manhattan and San Francisco

  3. 52% of Americans can't afford the house that they are currently living in right now

  4. Elon Musk originally came to America by showing up unannounced at a relatives house in Canada. He had to work odd jobs until he could afford to go to college, including cleaning boilers so filthy that he required a hazmat suit.

  5. People in France who can't afford the housing market are making homes in caves

  6. George Lucas' plans to build affordable housing in Marin county stalled after wealthy residents fought to stop it. Instead of waiting for the initiative to pass he decided to pay for it himself

  7. A group of architecture students is working to bring a home that costs just $20,000 to market. Their goal: create a house "anyone could afford ... and anybody would want."

  8. A severe lack of affordable housing in Hong Kong has forced the city's poor to live in small plywood "coffins" or iron cages, costing around US$200 a month.

  9. The main reason rent prices are skyrocketing in US cities is due to 1950s single-family home zoning laws and Baby Boomer homeowners who obstruct affordable housing from being built for reasons like "wrong aesthetic" or "blocking the sun" because they don't want their property values to go down

  10. Vincent moved to the south of France to "The Yellow House", where he ate poorly to afford paint supplies.

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Affordability of housing in Silicon Valley

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US Housing Prices, Mortgage Rates and Home Affordability over time

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To combat skyrocketing rents, the Los Angeles Unified School District built affordable housing for its teachers. However, their teachers are above the affordable housing cutoff, and are thus ineligible to live in them.

The YMCA was originally created to provide affordable housing for people moving to the city - source

The housing crisis in San Francisco is so bad that people who are paying rent, have jobs, and are able to afford their current rent, are being forced to evict by the landlords so they can sell the individual units as condos. - source

San Jose, California has the least affordable major housing market the US and is ranked 5th in the world, between Auckland #4 and Melbourne #6.

The TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was the victim of an urban myth. People falsely claim many of the families end up selling their new homes because they can't afford the costs. The only family which lost their home did so after defaulting on a loan they took out against their house. - source

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Single-family homes don’t just contribute to the affordability crisis, but are also bad for the environment, urban vitality and people’s health. Houses use more energy, make us more reliant on cars, and valorize private space at the cost of public space

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The infamous 'Priory of Scion' that many people believe is a secret organization who protects the on-going Merovingian bloodline of Jesus Christ & Mary Magdaline is not ancient organization. It was founded in 1956 "for the defense of the rights and the freedom of affordable housing"

In 2007 a struggling MLB pitcher bought his aunt’s land so she could afford nursing home fees. A surveyor then informed him that he couldn’t build a house there because his new property was covered with $2.5 Billion worth of landscaping rock.

The inventor of the fidget spinner surrendered her patent in 2005 because she could not afford the $400 renewal fee. She's sinced downsidered her tiny house to a cheaper condo, and had her telephone line disconnected.

Increased Regulation on Land In Certain Markets Has Forced Home Builders to Only Build Luxury Homes Even Though Most Demand is For Affordable Housing.

3-D printing of homes the brave new world meant to end the affordable housing shortage & homelessness is not a dream but a reality in Austin Texas. ICON & Community First are to build 151 3-D printed houses for the homeless in Austin starting in 2020.

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About Quebec's immigrant investor program. In short, it allows people to pay (CDN $1.2M) for a fast pass to immigration into Canada. A recent report explains how it's easily abused and has contributed to Canada's housing affordability crisis.

How Some of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable Housing

Bubba the Love Sponge, the radio DJ at the center of the Tucker Carlson controversy and the Hulk Hogan sex tape, has fallen so far that he lost his house, had his water turned off, at one point lived in a trailer and had to give away his rescue pit bull because he couldn't afford to feed it

A man raising money for affordable housing by riding his bicycle across America died in Oklahoma Thursday morning after being hit by a woman who was texting while driving.

San Francisco is building government housing projects for teachers because they can't afford to live there.

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I would have to give up avocado toast for 33 years to afford a house in New York

Cara Brookins and her 4 children were victims of domestic violence. Unable to afford a home, they needed a fresh start and Cara wanted each of her kids to have their own room - So they built their house from the ground up, using only YouTube tutorials.

Our government had a major, unintentional role in creating the housing bubble. To make homes more affordable for low-income groups, Clinton mandated Fannie and Freddie to purchase subprime mortgages. Bush furthered these requirements. Banks then used them to facilitate predatory lending.

The rent affordability threshold of 30% comes from the Brooke Amendment to the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, named after the first African-American to be elected senator after Reconstruction, Edward W. Brooke III.

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