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George Lucas' plans to build affordable housing in Marin county stalled after wealthy residents fought to stop it. Instead of waiting for the initiative to pass he decided to pay for it himself

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Prison reform was a major issue that Davis" advocated for, which is how she came into contact with the 'soledad Brothers" and the men who took over the Marin County courthouse.

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  1. After a group of black militants took control of the Marin County, California courthouse in August 1970, which led to the death of a judge, Davis was charged with kidnapping and murder for supplying the militants with guns.

  2. Marin County, California has one of the highest income per capita in the United States and is home to San Quentin Prison as well as George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch

  3. In 1995 a San Fransisco shock jock had offered a case of Snapple to the family of the 1000th Golden Gate Bridge suicide victim. Consequently, Marin County coroner Ken Holmes asked local media to stop reporting the total number of jumpers.

  4. In 1999 the former USS Harnett County (renamed BRP Sierra Madre) was deliberately run aground in the South China Sea in order to boost the Philippines claim to sovereignty over the Spratley Islands. To this day a small force of Filipino Marines lives on the rusted out, dilapidated hulk.

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