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Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land” sarcastically after he got tired of hearing Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” over and over again.

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Woodie Guthrie' copywrite claim to "This Land is Your Land" was for 28 years and stated "anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern.” Today multiple organizations claim copyright for the song.

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  1. Woody Guthrie's popular American folk song "This Land is Your Land" has two lost verses that criticize capitalism and class inequalities in the US

  2. This Land is Your Land' by Woody Guthrie was written as a counter to 'God Bless America'. There was even socialist style verse that has been removed from the modern version

  3. Woody Guthrie, who wrote "This Land is Your Land", painted the words "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" on his guitar

  4. Revered folk musician Woody Guthrie ("This Land Is Your Land") was a known communist sympathizer, associating with U.S. communist groups and writing columns for a communist newspaper

  5. In the early 60's Bob Dylan travelled across the nation while Woody Guthrie lied on his death bed in order to play "Song to Woody" to Guthrie before his death

  6. The lyrics to the Dropkick Murphy's song I'm Shipping up to Boston were from an unpublished Woody Guthrie poem

  7. Folk singer Woody Guthrie scribbled "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" on the front of his acoustic guitar

  8. Woody Guthrie's father was in a lynch mob that hung a woman and her son off a bridge in Oklahoma.

  9. This land is your land" a song that many of us sung as kids, was made in 1945, had connections communism, and was written by Woodie Guthrie. It omitted various politically charged lines.

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The 1964 hit single from The Animals, "House of the Rising Sun" was a cover dating back to the 16-century, and had already been recorded by artists like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. However, it was animal, Hilton Valentine's guitar arpeggio that set it apart from the others.

The granddaughter of Woody Guthrie (singer-songwriter of “Dustbowl Blues”) married the grand-nephew of John Steinbeck (acclaimed writer of many dustbowl-era and themed novels), and they perform music together. - source

Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about how awful it was to live in one of Fred Trump's buildings - source

The Duststorm of April 14th, 1935 is immortalized in the Woody Guthrie song "Dusty old dust" aka "So long been good to know you" - source

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Bob Dylan visited Woody Guthrie on his deathbed multiple time. Dylan recalls buying Guthrie cigarettes to smoke in the hospital and singing Tom Joad to its author during long afternoons by his deathbed.

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Among others who have been proposed as the unidentified killer of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the "Black Dahlia", folk singer Woody Guthrie, film director Orson Welles and Jewish mobster Bugsy Siegel have all been suspects

Trump's dad was so racist Woody Guthrie wrote a song about him.

American Folk Legend Woody Guthrie wrote of his hatred for his landlord, Donald Trump's father

This song was written about Fred Trump, who was Woodie Guthrie's landlord, and the father of our current Fascist candidate, Donald.

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Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about Donald Trump's dad

Famous folk singer Woody Guthrie was at one time a suspect in the infamous Black Dahlia murder.

The lyrics to the Dropkick Murphys song “I’m shipping up to Boston” were written by Woody Guthrie. Though Guthrie never sang the song, the lyrics were found in his archive.

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The granddaughter of Woody Guthrie (singer-songwriter of “Dustbowl Blues”) married the grand-nephew of John Steinbeck (acclaimed writer of many dustbowl-era and themed novels), and they perform music together.

Woody Guthrie wrote a song about Fred Trump.

The US Library of Congress has ~18,000 music recordings that you can search, listen to & even download - including works from Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash and many more!

When Pete Seeger met Woody Guthrie's mother-in-law, the concerned mother wanted Seeger's help convincing Guthrie to treat her daughter better.

Woody Guthrie wrote a song about Donald Trump’s father

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