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NOAA announced it was to start using lowercase letters in forecasts by saying "NOAA'S NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FORECASTS WILL STOP YELLING AT YOU"

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If a weather forecast gives a 50% chance of precipitation that could mean there is a 100% chance of rain in 50% of the forecast area. The 'probability of precipitation' number frequently used in weather forecasts is widely misunderstood by the public.

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  1. When the deadliest tornado touched down in 1925 Missouri, people were taken by surprise. This was because the word 'tornado' was banned from US weather forecasts since the late 19th century due to hysteria. This mentality shifted after the tornado killed 675 ill-prepared residents

  2. A 3 day weather forecast today is more accurate than a 1 day weather forecast in 1980.

  3. The Shipping Forecast, broadcast four times daily by the BBC, was established following a shipwreck in 1859 and is the world's longest running continuous weather forecast. With its lyrical sea area names, familiar theme and calm delivery, many listeners use the 0048 broadcast as a lullaby.

  4. Theophrastus, another ancient Greek, wrote a book called The Book of Signs. It was a book about forecasting the weather.

  5. Weather maps can use isotherms (a line connecting locations with like temperatures). Isotherms can help forecasters and researchers identify weather fronts.

  6. One of the first Cable TV shows in the UK was the weather forecast, presented by a dwarf on a trampoline.

  7. "Hanami" is an ancient Japanese tradition of viewing cherry trees while they are in bloom. Japanese people track weather forecast which determines exact time of blossoming and they gather in large numbers in parks and temples to celebrate beauty of these flowers when they finally appear.

  8. The use of weather satellites has improved the ability to forecast weather significantly.

  9. Turing used the coded German weather forecast that went out each morning to help create the Bombe which allowed the Allies to crack the German codes and shorten WWII by an estimated two years.

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Today's Weather Forecast vs Actual Temps

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NASA showing Mars' daily weather forecast. Can we just take a moment to realize how splendid this data is!

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Weather forecasts measure temperatures in the shade, NOT in the sun.

To predict weather, a person must have pattern recognition skills, as well as knowledge of forecast model performance and biases, among many other things.

It was there that he used a barometer to see if atmospheric pressure was a good indicator for weather forecasting.

Weather balloons can be used to determine current weather conditions as well as to provide data for forecasting and for research.

In 2001, Robin Southgate invented a toaster that would "toast" the weather forecast into your bread. - source

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Meteorologists gather information from weather satellites to make forecasts, but they also use simple instruments such as thermometers.

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Until 1950, use of the word tornado was banned from weather forecasts

Air traffic controllers and crews rely on forecasts to help keep their passengers safe.

The Shipping Forecast, a BBC radio program about maritime weather, is so immensely popular in the UK that a 1995 decision to move the 12.48 am broadcast by 12 minutes caused angry editorials, a public backlash, and even debates in parliament. The BBC ultimately scrapped the decision.

Barometers have been used in weather forecasting dating back to the late 1800s.

The first daily weather forecast ever printed appeared in the London Times in 1861.

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When used for weather forecasting, decreasing air pressure usually is a sign of stormy, windy or rainy weather while slow rising air temperature is a sign of dry, calm weather.

In 1967 during the Cold War, 3 Soviet missile radar detecting facilities became simultaneously jammed. In response, the USAF authorized nuclear-strike aircraft to retaliate. Thankfully, NORAD space-weather forecast intervened in time; It was due to a solar flair, likely preventing a nuclear war.

Weather maps make it easier for weather reporters to alert the public of potentially dangerous weather in the forecast.

Even the stock market relies on weather predictions. Temperature and rain forecasts affect agriculture and therefore affect the value of commodities in the farming industry.

The place on a weather map where warm and cold fronts meet indicate where some of the most dangerous weather phenomena can occur such as tornadoes and hurricanes. When these fronts meet, and other factors are combined such as strong winds, very large storms can occur. This makes weather maps extremely important in weather forecasting.

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Matthew Weiner checks the weather forecasts during the days which Mad Men is set so that the characters can be dressed as accurately as possible.

3-day weather forecasts are accurate enough for planning purposes about 80% of the time. Anything beyond a 3-day forecast is likely to change.

In 2002 and 2004 the India Meteorological Department failed to predict the droughts that occurred. Since 1886, when the very first India monsoon forecast was made, there have only been 23 drought years in India.

The national weather center campus where they make severe weather/tornado forecasts has a cafe called the Flying Cow, a reference from the 90's movie Twister.

Captain Fitzroy of the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin’s famous ship, invented modern weather forecasting and meteorology.

Weather forecasters are qualified meteorologists who gather data and make their own predictions.

When reading a weather forecast, the wind direction indicates where the wind is coming from, not where it's blowing to.

Severe weather forecasts in the United States are inadequate because of a lack of computer power

The chance of an American being killed by lightning has gone from 1 in 400,000 in 1940 to 1 in 11 million now, due to better weather forecasting and people staying indoors more.

Contrary to the LA Story "Sun Forecast" scene, Coastal California is one of the harder places to predict weather in the US because of the many varied microclimates there.

The Shipping Forecast, a daily BBC radio program consisting of concise weather forecasts for 48 sea areas around the British Isles. It was featured in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, and a plan to move its midnight broadcast by 12 minutes sparked fierce debates in the Parliament.

Anemometers are important for several reasons including weather reporting and forecasting, the study of air movement, weather patterns, flight, and engineering.

In 1939 Adolf Hitler was saved from an assassinate attempt because of a weather. A fog forecast led Hitler to decide to take a train to Berlin instead of a plane and to catch the train he had to shorten a speech he had. He left only 13 minutes before the bomb exploded.

The percentage of rain in weather forecasts isn't the percentage of the chance of rain for the day, but the percentage of area that will get rain that day

Northern lights can be forecasted like Weather

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