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Cap’n Crunch once gave a free prize whistle that blew a 2600 Hz tone - so if you dialed a long distance phone number and blew the whistle, it gave you free long distance calls.

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The Museum of Endangered Sounds exists to allow streaming of once popular technological sounds. ie. the dial-up tone, ICQ chat tone, Windows 95 startup

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  1. A potential reason that calculator keys and touch-tone phone keys differ in layout is because the hardware of 1950s phones could not keep up with the speed at which professionals would dial them so a new layout had to be introduced to slow them down.

  2. The phone dialing sounds (aka DTMF tones) at the beginning/end of some mass-produced VHS tapes were coded instructions for the automatic duplication machines

  3. The dial tone you hear on a landline is the combination of two different tones played simultaneously. 350 and 440-hertz [Hz]

  4. The pitch made when you dial a given number is the same on every phone. For example, dialing '1' will always produce a tone comprised of frequencies 1209 and 697 Hz.

  5. Southern California used to have a phone system that would sound a dial tone to the recipient when the caller hung up. This is part of the reason why phones in movies do this, even though most real phones don't.

  6. Dial tone when someone hangs up on you is not just a Hollywood Cliché. Its how Hollywood's phone systems actually used to work.

  7. Dial-up tones can be read and understood

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