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When you are thinking about something in such a way that you are forming words in your mind, you are actually speaking those words extremely quietly. Your vocal chords are moving, and a very sensitive microphone would be able to record what you are "thinking."

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The high pitched voice theory of the Neanderthal, that because of the shape of their vocal chords, size of their head and rib cage, it's likely Neanderthals would have had a very loud, high pitches voices.

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  1. The sounds some lobsters make when boiling are not their screams, but rather the sounds of air escaping small crevices in their body. Lobsters don’t even have vocal chords.

  2. There is a school in Missouri where you train to be an auctioneer. Each morning students start the day with group drills to warm up their vocal chords. It is known as "The Harvard of Auctioneering."

  3. Overuse of the vocal chords can lead to Bogart-Bacall Syndrome - causing an eponymously rough, deep voice

  4. While apes are capable of communicating through sign-language, they are unable to communicate through speech because of their vocal chords and inability to use syntax.

  5. The "th" sound is different in the words "thought" and "other". One has not vocal chord movement. The other does. Linguistics refers to them as "interdental fricative" and "voiced interdental fricative".

  6. About throat singing. A singer can create more than one pitch by manipulating the air going over their vocal chords and out of their mouth simultaneously.

  7. Lobsters do not scream when you boil them. They don’t have vocal chords or any other means of vocalization.

  8. Whispering for long periods is actually bad for your vocal chords.

  9. in 1967 Seventeen Magazine advised young women to be anorexic, gave them unsolicited eyewear criticism, shoe shamed them, and asked them to consider vocal chord training.

  10. Improper use of your vocal chords would result in vocal nodules, and that the damage in most cases is permanent.

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Your voice sounds different when recorded because when you speak you hear your own voice in two different ways. The first is as vibrating sound waves hitting your ear drum. The second way is via vibrations inside your skull actually set off by your vocal chords.

In the original Lion King,the voice actor of Scar(Jeremy Irons)blew a vocal chord while singing, "Be prepared".He blew it singing/yelling "YOU WONT GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME!". Jim Cummings sang the last half of the song,in Jeremy Irons as Scar voice. He did a amazing job! Cant tell the difference! - source

Mariah Carey’s legs and vocal chords are insured for $70 million - source

When you whisper you don't use your vocal chords.

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