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In 1955, Miles Davis had surgery to remove polyps on his larynx and was told not to talk for 2 weeks.During that time, he got into an argument with an executive and heard his voice fade to a croak in mid-tirade, damaging his vocal cords giving him his raspy whisper that he became known for.

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While sliding down the pole in "Jailhouse Rock", Elvis lost the cap off of a tooth. It was discovered that he had aspirated the cap and that it had lodged in his lung. It was successfully removed by a surgeon, who parted his vocal cords to retrieve it

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  1. Mariah Carey has had nodules on her vocal cords her entire life and uses them to her advantage.

  2. Tim Storms, the man with the lowest voice in the world; his voice is so low that he cannot himself hear the lowest frequency sounds that his vocal cords can produce.

  3. Although they don"t have vocal cords, they use sounds to communicate. They produce squeaking and screeching sounds by pushing the air through the bones in their neck.

  4. Male African clawed frog does not have vocal cords. Even without them, he is able to produce clicking sound when he wants to attract females during mating season.

  5. Your lungs are also very important for talking! Just above your trachea (wind pipe) is an area called the larynx, which is sometimes also called the voice box. This contains your vocal cords, two tiny ridges which open or close, allowing you to make low or high pitched sounds. The amount of air you force through them can change the pitch of the sound, and also changes the volume of the sound.

  6. Bonnie Tyler's trademark husky voice was created after the doctor remove nodules in her throat and advised her not to talk for 6 weeks after operation. She screamed out of frustration one day and damaged her vocal cords.

  7. Both males and females are able to drum the trees. Since woodpeckers do not have vocal cords, this activity also play important role in communication.

  8. The gecko is the only lizard with vocal cords, allowing it to create chirping sounds that allow for social interaction. All other lizards communicate using only body language.

  9. Emma Stone's husky voice is the result of being colicky as an infant and having developing nodules on her vocal cords.

  10. In 2013 Google CEO Larry Page suffers from an extremely rare vocal cord paralysis that makes it difficult for him to speak and breathe occasionally. He donated tens of millions of dollars into a program to research into vocal cord paralysis help people who suffers from similar symptoms

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Goliath frogs have large eyes and acute sense of hearing, but they do not possess vocal cords and cannot produce sounds during the mating season.

George Washington had an estimated 5-7 pints of his blood removed from his body shortly before he died to treat his ailment, laryngitis or inflammation of his vocal cords (Sore throat). - source

The Castrati, male operatic singers castrated before puberty which allowed them to develop singing voices similar to a soprano, due to the lack of testosterone giving them a larger lung capacity and child-like vocal cords. - source

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of telephone, was so intrigued by his success in making a robot he manipulated his family dog's lips and vocal cords and trained it to say "How are you grandma?"

Scientists discovered that male and female mosquitos actually sing to each other, they harmonize just prior to mating. This ‘mating song’ isn’t produced by vocal cords. It is produced by flapping wings. - source

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In 1972 a girl accidentally swallowed a 3p coin and it was unknowingly lodged in her vocal cords for 12 years, until she later coughed it up at work..

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What a debarked dog sounds like. Debarking is a veterinary surgery that involves removing tissue from the dog’s vocal cords. This results in a dog’s voice being quieter.

Whispering is very bad for your voice as it puts more strain on your vocal cords

Involuntary swearing is called Coprolalia, not Tourette Syndrome, and can be treated by injecting botox on the vocal cords.

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