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Neanderthals’ tracheal anatomy suggests they had high-pitched, raspy voices, like Julia Child.

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Abraham Lincoln had an incredibly high-pitched voice that was described as shrill, sharp, and unpleasant.

Why do dogs howl at high pitched sounds?

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why do dogs howl at high pitched noises?

  1. Chris Morris, from the IT Crowd, has been fired from many jobs due to the many pranks he has pulled during his radio career, including filling one of the radio booths with helium, causing the newsreader to report the news in an extremely high-pitched voice.

  2. Dock Ellis was a MLB pitcher. He claims to have never pitched a single game while sober. He crowning achievement is pitching a no hitter while high on LSD.

  3. The world's longest-running laboratory experiment "demonstrates the fluidity and high viscosity of pitch, a derivative of tar once used for waterproofing boats." In 1930 pitch was left in a glass funnel to drip out and has only dropped 9 times: about once every 10 years.

  4. When an F18 is catapulted from its carrier, the pilot doesn't actually take the controls. The acceleration is so brisk that the pilot would pitch down thinking that the nose was to high and crash into the ocean. They instead just hold handle they call the "towel rail"

  5. Neanderthals' voices were actually high-pitched and nasal, not deep and baritone like many assume.

  6. The high pitched voice theory of the Neanderthal, that because of the shape of their vocal chords, size of their head and rib cage, it's likely Neanderthals would have had a very loud, high pitches voices.

  7. A Japanese high schooler struck out Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx back-to-back. Rejecting an offer from manager Connie Mack, he went on to pitch three no-hitters in the Japanese league before being killed in WW2.

  8. About "kulning", a Norwegian song using high-pitched vocal techniques to call cows in from the pastures.

  9. A Certain Species of Tiger Moths Can "Jam" the Echolocation of Bats' by Producing Similar High Pitches Noises

  10. The high-pitched sounds housecats make to solicit food may mimic the cries of a hungry human infant, making them particularly hard for humans to ignore

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The longest continuous experiment was started in 1927. The goal was to demonstrate that some substances that appear to be solid are in fact very-high-viscosity fluids. The viscosity of the pitch used is 230 billion times that of water, taking several years to form a single drop.

The iconic high pitched and wobbly "synth stab" throughout Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Brain" is actually a sample of a horse neigh. - source

Neanderthals had nasally high-pitched voices - source

When dogs howl to instruments, singing or other high-pitched noises, it is a reference back to their wolf heritage as the sounds are confused for other animals howling.

Abraham Lincoln is described as having a 'high pitch' and unusual voice rather than a deep bass baritone often depicted in film - source

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Pilot whales hunt in the group. They use high-pitched whistles to coordinate their positions. Pilot whale circulate around the prey until the victim is trapped in the center of the group.

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Corsac foxes produce high-pitched yelps to alert other members of the group about potential danger. They bark during the hunt.

Binturongs use various sounds for communication. Aggressive binturongs produce high-pitched noise and growls. Binturongs chuckle when they are happy.

Cedar waxwings produce high-pitched trills and wheezy, thin whistles for communication.

High-pitched clicks are also used for communication between vaquitas.

Monster Cable designed "high end" luxury headphones and pitched Dr. Dre on a partnership, only to later be (legally) cut out of Beats by Dre

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Kinkajou is able to bark, scream, hiss and produce high-pitched squeaks. This animal is also known as "la llorona" or "crying woman" (in Spanish) due to unusual noise it produces.

Cats embed a high-frequency "cry" within their naturally low-pitched purr in order to exploit their owners

Tapirs communicate verbally, via high pitched sounds and non-verbally, via urine droppings. By sniffing and recognizing urine marks, tapirs can know if there are other tapirs in the area.

Blue jays communicate via loud screams and high-pitched calls. They are able to imitate sound of hawks, cats and humans.

Red-breasted sapsuckers communicate via mewing, high-pitched and squealing calls and through drumming (they drum various surfaces using their bills).

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Coyotes produce wide variety of sounds for communication. They can howl, yelp, and produce high-pitched cries. They can also bark, growl, wail, and squeal. Communication allows coyote to keep track on its family members.

Claws are also used as a tool against predators. When attacked, sloth can bite and produce high-pitched sounds.

Once annually, they produce high-pitched sounds called "giggling" to inform others that they are ready for mating.

After One World Trade Center was completed, on very windy days the tower makes a high pitched sound described as "whining", "howling", or "moaning"

Sugar gliders are very vocal. They produce high-pitched noise, screams and hissing sounds.

Telegraph plant is also known as "dancing plant" because of its leaflets which start to hover up and down after exposure to the high-pitched sounds (music).

Pygmy marmosets are quiet animals. They sometimes produce clicking sounds in communication and high-pitched whistle as a warning of the upcoming danger.

Threatened grey partridge will try to fly away from a danger. It produces high-pitched "rick-rick-rick" calls when threatened.

Males have large vocal sacs that look like balloons when they are inflated. They produce short, high-pitched, peeping calls (around 90 calls over a period of 4 hours) during the night to attract females. Females choose the right partner for mating by the speed of calls (older, stronger males produce fast calls, young males produce slow calls).

Red-billed choughs use high-pitched, ringing calls for communication.

African clawless otters communicate via whistles, huffs and growls. They use high-pitched screams to alert other members of the group about potential danger.

Monte Iberia eleuth produces high-pitched, irregular chirping noise using the small, pinhead-sized apparatus in larynx.

Quails produce high pitched sounds, cackles and grunts that are used for communication.

Name "whippoorwill" refers to high-pitched, crying "whip-poor-will" calls, that can be heard during the breeding season. Whippoorwills can produce up to 1088 calls in a row.

Your lungs are also very important for talking! Just above your trachea (wind pipe) is an area called the larynx, which is sometimes also called the voice box. This contains your vocal cords, two tiny ridges which open or close, allowing you to make low or high pitched sounds. The amount of air you force through them can change the pitch of the sound, and also changes the volume of the sound.

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