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The homeless person, Kenni Nickel, from the viral video "How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?" is dead. The youtuber behind the video, "Josh Paler Lin", raised close to $150k on "", stating it was for Nickel, before he died. According to Nickel's family he never received the money.

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Snackman, the guy who stopped a subway fight by standing between two combatants and calmly ate chips, was inundated with marriage proposals and date requests after video of the brawl went viral.

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  1. After a video that went viral in 2012 showing a bus monitor getting bullied by students - a Canadian man set up a fundraiser to collect $5,000 for a vacation for her. In the end, they ended up collecting and giving the women over $700,000. She has since retired.

  2. When C-SPAN asked for illegal copies of Stephen Colbert's controversial 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner speech to be removed from Youtube, Google bought the rights to the video and therey saved the viral videos which were already watched 2.7M times in under 48 hours.

  3. The Numa Numa viral video was first uploaded to NewGrounds in 2004 - Youtube did not exist at the time

  4. In March 2012, scientist and blogger Jonathan Corbett demonstrated the ineffectiveness of full body scanners by publishing a viral video showing how he was able to get a metal box through backscatter x-ray and millimeter wave scanners in two US airports.

  5. An underage drunk girl at Chilliest 2015 got herself out of a ticket by winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The 3 police officers let the girl go after she beat scissors with rock but they ended up getting in trouble when witnesses posted Vines and the videos went viral.

  6. Sail" by AWOLnation is the only song to reach a new peak after spending more than a year on Billboard's 100 chart. Since 2011, the song keeps generating sales due in large parts to viral video of wingsuits and cats, BMW commercials, Vikings and CW TV promos.

  7. There's a company that buys the rights to viral videos, posts them itself and makes a fortune

  8. A-Ha's keyboardist loved the viral literal version of the Take On Me music video, calling it "amazing" and saying "the lyrics make so much more sense than the one we have."

  9. Chuck E. Cheese's had competition in the '80s with a pizza chain named "ShowBiz Pizza Place" and featured an animatronic rock band named "The Rock-afire Explosion". Fans of the band have rejoiced over the last decade, with viral YouTube videos, a documentary on the band's legacy, etc.

  10. Taylor Chapman, the girl in the viral racist Dunkin' Donuts rant video, committed suicide in June.

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In 2010, after a video of a man who looked like Ben Folds playing music to unsuspecting people on Chatroulette went viral, Folds performed a homage to him at his next concert

For 117 years bestiality was legal in Washington State, until 2005 when a video of a man, being impaled by a horse and dying, went viral. - source

The guy who was slapped from the viral " How can she slap" video ended up becoming a successful television actor in India - source

The voice of the home made viral videos Chad Vader was so impressive he also voiced Darth Vader in The Force Unleashed and Soul Caliber IV.

405, an internet short film, was one of the first viral film properties/internet videos when it was originally released in 2000. - source

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Andy Weir, now famous for writing The Martian, first gained some fame for writing The Egg, a 1000-word story that went viral in the early days of the internet. It has since been adapted into Youtube videos and one-act plays.

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The inventor of the Steadicam's demo reel was so popular, he also invented the viral video.

Aleksy Vayner, the guy that had his "Impossible Is Nothing" video resume go viral, changed his name and died of a drug overdose last year.

a ‘viral’ video portraying a soccer/football players ‘death’ from Saudi Arabia which was called the ‘Angel of Death’ was really an epileptic fit and he went on to play the next game.

What happened to LiamKyleSullivan - the creator of one of the early viral videos

Overly Attached Girl meme started with Parody of Justin Bieber's single "Boyfriend." A still from Laina Morris YouTube video went viral in 2012. Morris has been able to capitalize on the meme and build a career around it.

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Shocking Leaked Video Of Radhika Apte Goes Viral 2015


The viral video review of Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potatoe Pie is 3.14 minutes long.

Soulja Boy created a song about the Short lived “Stop Kony” Campaign and sampled excerpts from the original viral video.

A viral video long predating the famous broken arms story contains lyrics that sound like "I'm going to stroke it, your arms are broken".

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"DUANG" --- The original video of the insanely viral Chinese word

Viral video of Amy Winehouse at age 10, IS ACTUALLY Angelina Jordan, age 8 from Norway

The song used in the viral video "Going To The Store" (you know, the weird naked mannequin guy) was written in 1968 by Electronic musician Jean Jacque Perry

The girl in that 2006 viral 'Lecture Musical' video was SNL's Kate McKinnon

R/music helped bring the Netflix documentary Alive Inside: Memory and Music to the world. It showcases the power of music therapy helping elders with dementia. The original video that went viral because of Reddit!

In 2006, Sony made this video pretending it was made by a fansite. It was later found out Sony hired a marketing team to make a "viral" video. It flopped.

The transcripts of the students from the college acceptance viral videos contained forged information written by TM Laundry College Prep administrators. Students also reported mentally and physically abused from the schools staff.

It goes to show how credible news channel sources can be through this documentary of how the naked guy hotel viral video came about.

Many Viral Recipe Videos from "So Yummy" Are Not Possible to Make and May Discourage People from Cooking by Making them Think They Can't Cook.

a ‘viral’ video supposedly portraying a soccer/football players ‘death’ from Saudi Arabia which was called the ‘Angel of Death’ was really an epileptic fit and he supposedly went on to play the next game.

You can find the video "Youy" by mispelling youtube when expecting a autocomplete. Kid went viral...

The bully of Casey Heynes played the victim card after the video went viral

Tillman, the original skateboarding dog from the viral video, died about two weeks ago.

Rachel Bloom, creator of the 2010 viral video 'Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury,' received a Golden Globe award for acting in 2015.

About the TECHNO VIKING - the first viral video in Germany featuring a Guy looking like a Viking killing it at a techno street parade in the early nineties in Germany.

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