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When Amanda Palmer learned that Daily Mail had done a story on a "nip slip" of hers, she responded by writing a song to them and recording it in front of a live audience... completely naked

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YouTube was born from Janet Jackson's Superbowl Nip-Slip

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  1. There is a nip slip in Return of the Jedi.

  2. YouTube Co-Founder Jawed Karim's inspiration for the site came from struggling to find Janet Jackson's Superbowl Nip Slip online.

  3. Janet Jackson's famed Super Bowl "nip slip" was partly responsible for the birth of YouTube.

  4. The last time the Carolina Panthers went to the Super Bowl was kind of a big deal. Janet Jackson had her nip slip with JT , which made a guy named Jawed frustrated that he couldn't see the replay so he created YouTube. Vevo, the FCC, and Facebook has connections to this event as well.

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