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The highest paid official of the United States government is Bill Johnson, the chief executive officer of the federally owned power and utilities company, the Tennessee Valley Authority. His annual salary is $5.9 million dollars.

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The makers of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" had to downsize their makeovers due to families not being able to afford utility bills.

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  1. After having their houses renovated on the TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", many families have gone into foreclosure due to huge increases in property taxes, and cost of utility bills.

  2. In 1987 the California Public Utilities Commission required telephone companies to allow customers to opt out of adult 900 numbers, after a child racked up a $17,000 phone bill.

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utility bills fact data chart about Households unable o pay utility bills on time in the EU [X-p
Households unable o pay utility bills on time in the EU [X-post from r/europe]

utility bills fact data chart about Tracked my gas and electric bills compared to average daily
Tracked my gas and electric bills compared to average daily temp reported on billing statements to discover I get lowest monthly utility cost when average temp is around 50 F. (SE

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