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There was once a type of dog called the Turnspit dog which would run in a wheel to turn meat so it would cook evenly. The breed went extinct when machines were invented to turn the meat instead.

how would you describe what happened to the turnspit dog?

In the 19th Century, a turnspit dog was a short-legged, long-bodied dog bred to run on a wheel to turn meat for even cooking

How would you describe what happened to the turnspit dog?

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  1. To make sure that their meat cooked evenly, early chefs had "Turnspit" dogs run in a hamster wheel connected to a skewer, which rotated the meat. Only one stuffed Turnspit dog remains, and his name is Whiskey.

  2. There was once a breed called the Turnspit Dog, also known as the Kitchen Dog or Cooking Dog. They were bred to help in kitchens by turning a wheel that ensured that meat was cooked evenly. The breed is now extinct.

  3. I learned of the turnspits, dogs bred solely to run in wheels that rotated meat for cooking

  4. The Turnspit Dog, a breed used to turn meat on a spit by running on a wheel for hours on end and occasionally used as foot warmers during church mass.

  5. The turnspit dog, a dog bred to help cook meat by running in a wheel that turned a spit

  6. The best kitchen gadget in the 1600s was a giant hamster wheel-like contraption holding a small, constantly running dog, known oh so creatively as a "turnspit" dog.

  7. Turnspit Dogs. Little dogs that would walk in a hipster wheel to turn a rotisserie spit

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There was a breed of dog called a "Turnspit Dog". It was placed into a large wheel like a hamster or gerbil wheel. The wheel drove a belt connected to a turn-spit in a fireplace to rotate the meat on the turn spit. This breed is not extinct. - source

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