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Greyhounds are universal blood donors, and with few exceptions, blood from any greyhound can be given to any other breed of dog.

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There was once a type of dog called the Turnspit dog which would run in a wheel to turn meat so it would cook evenly. The breed went extinct when machines were invented to turn the meat instead.

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  1. Basenji dogs are contenders for the title of oldest dog breed. From Africa, Basenjis are depicted in ancient Egyptian artifacts. Basenjis are “barkless,” fastidious and will groom themselves like cats.

  2. Queen Elizabeth stopped breeding corgis in 2015. She doesn’t want to leave any young dogs behind when she dies.

  3. The "Awww but he's so cute" has led to a breed of dogs (pugs/bulldogs) suffering from "... breathing problems, eye prolapses, overheating, dental crowding and skin-fold dermatitis", vets say.

  4. In 19th century Germany there was a man who was both the local tax collector and caretaker of the dog pound. Since tax collecting was a dangerous job, he used the pound to make a new breed a dog that would protect him while collecting. His name, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann.

  5. Deep in the Amazon rainforest there exists a rare breed of dog that has two noses. When Col. Percy Fawcett described it after returning from a 1913 expedition to the area, he was teased and ridiculed by his peers.

  6. Charles Darwin's cousin Francis Galton invented the dog whistle, meteorology, forensic fingerprinting and mathematical correlation. He also suggested that principles of animal breeding could be applied to humans, coined the word 'eugenics', and came up with the 'nature vs nurture' idea.

  7. A study published in the journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science, found that the most aggressive dog breeds are Dachshunds (wiener dogs), Chihuahuas, and Jack Russell Terriers; not the Pitbull, Rottweiler or Doberman.

  8. The Shiba Inu dog breed nearly went extinct during World War 2 due to food shortages and disease.

  9. The dog breed Komondors use Dreadlocks to protect against Wolf bites

  10. The dog breed, Leonberger were used a lot in both World Wars in and around Germany. So many of the dogs were abandoned or killed in action due to invasions that every currently living Leonberger can be traced back to only 8 that remained from WWII.

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My daughter mapped the most popular breeds of dog in each council in NSW, Australia

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Dogs of New York (Relative Prevalence of Top 25 Dog Breeds in NYC, by zip code)

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In the 90's when Microsoft was unimpressed with a programmer's performance, they would threaten to reassign them to work on "Microsoft Dogs" an interactive CD-ROM to inform dog owners of the proper care and feeding for 500 different breeds of dogs.

A breed of dog called the Komondor was bred to guard sheep because its dreadlocks are too thick for wolves' to bite through, and because it looks like a sheep. - source

The Cordoba Fighting dog, a breed so aggressive it preferred to fight rather than mate, leading to its extinction - source

The Shiba Inu breed of dogs almost went extinct during World War II

There's a domestic cat breed called the Pixie-bob that looks like a miniature Bobcat, and has a personality/behavior that's often described as being dog-like. - source

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Many dog breeds are expected to go extinct within 50 years due to inbreeding.

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A Soviet scientist named Dmitriy Belyayev has successfully domesticated foxes by selective breeding, and the foxed became more and more dog-like with each following generation.

The Carolina Dog is a breed that was discovered living wild in the Southeast in the 1970's, and after extensive DNA testing they are believed to be the descendant of the first animals to accompany humans across the Bering land bridge to North America thousands of years ago.

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, kohlrabi and kai-lan are all the same species of plant. They can all mix with each much like dog breeds with radically different traits and appearances.

Some cat breeds (called "puppy cats") are bred specifically to exhibit dog-like behavior.

Puppy mills breed over 2 million puppies each year, and an estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year.

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Dog Breeds Available for Adoption at the Dallas Animal Shelter as of 3/15/19

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Many unlicensed dog sellers in China perform DIY plastic surgery on sickly runts to make them resemble expensive breeds. The dogs are given painkillers and stimulants to appear active and healthy before sale. Most die within seven days. Licensed sellers dub the unfortunate animals "week dogs."

There exists a breed of "Werewolf Cats" that act like dogs and sell for as much as $2,500

Pure bred dogs are vastly more likely to have a genetic disorder than mixed breeds.

The ancient dog breed Xoloitzcuintli, the dog from Coco, was nearly extinct by 1950 and was revived from a group 10 pure bred when an expedition scoured most of Mexico in search for them

Not all breeds of dogs can swim. Among those that can’t swim at all or swim only with great difficulty are basset hounds, bulldogs, dachshunds, pugs, corgis, Scottish and Boston terriers and greyhounds.

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Greyhounds are universal blood donors and can donate blood to almost any other breed of dog!

Petface" dogs with puppy-like features have juvenile traits systematically built into their DNA through centuries of rigorous breeding. Many of the same traits that make these dogs "cute" give them a predisposition to respiratory disorders, skin conditions, reproductive issues and eye injuries

Some dog breeds experience "snow nose," a phenomenon that causes dogs to lose pigmentation in their nose during winter due to lack of sunlight. It usually returns to black during summer.

While writing Star Wars, George Lucas had an Alaskan Malamute (large dog breed) named Indiana. She went everywhere with him, so this inspired Lucas to give Han Solo a "big, furry" sidekick. She also inspired the name for Indiana Jones... who named himself after the family dog.

After WWII, the Russians used 17 different dog breeds to create the "supreme military dog" - and it looks like a giant fluffy poodle

Dog breeds differ in intelligence and have been graded according to the trainability aspect of their intelligence. The dogs considered to be the smartest are the 'Border Collies' and the dumbest are the 'Afghan Hounds.'

There's a breed of rock climbing Norwegian dogs that all have eight extra toes.

There was once a breed called the Turnspit Dog, also known as the Kitchen Dog or Cooking Dog. They were bred to help in kitchens by turning a wheel that ensured that meat was cooked evenly. The breed is now extinct.

In 2006, a German rabbit farmer sent 12 giant rabbits (the size of dogs) to North Korea for the purpose of a breeding program, but he refused to send more after realizing that officials might have eaten the rabbits instead of breeding them.

The phrase "three dog night", meaning it is so cold you would need three dogs in bed with you to keep warm, originated with the Chukchi people of Siberia, who kept the Siberian Husky landrace dog that became the modern purebred breed of Siberian Husky.

The Moscow Water Dog is a now-extinct breed of dog that was developed in the Soviet Union after WWII. They were bred to be water rescue dogs, but since they preferred biting drowning people to saving them, the breed was allowed to go extinct.

Dogs were first domesticated in southern China, and that all modern dog breeds are the descendants of ancient Chinese wolves.

Dogs sleep between 14 and 20 hrs per day depending on their breed, size and job.

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